BTPs for Summer 2019

BTPs for Summer 2019
Student Name Roll No. Title of BTP
Yogesh Gupta 2015193 Ambi+
Tanishq Chaudhary 2015105 New Media Research & App Development
Sarthak Goyal 2016190 A High Speed Successive Approximation Pipelined ADC
Arshan Zaman 2016136 Enabling Data Communication over Solar Panel
Shivam Singh 2016196 Enabling Data Communication Over Solar Panel
Radhika Ghosal 2015160 BalloonUI: Pneumatically actuated inflatables
Snehal Gupta 2016201 Content Moderation in Online Social Media
Priya Rajpurohit 2015073 Okhla Greens
Ayushi Srivastava 2016025 Digital Literacy - Low- Literate User Interaction With Mobile Intefaces
Shivin Dass 2016091 Approximation algorithms for multi-vehicle routing with constraints
Yajur Ahuja 2016121 Non Uniform Fault-Tolerant Capacitated K- Center
Shreeparna Dey 2017108 Efficient filling of spectral resources to enhance the performance of C+L Band Elastic Optical Networks
Aniket Pradhan 2017133 Efficient filling of spectral resources to enhance the performance of C+L Band Elastic Optical Networks.
Riya Sinha 2016079 Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering
Divansh Arora 2015027 Anomaly Detection
Rahul Saini 2016180 Identification of Genomic Signatures associated with Liver Cancer
Kshitij Kishore 2014052 Identification of Genomic Signatures associated with liver cancer
Sneha Sinha 2016098 Cognitive Heuristics and Biases in Software Engineering
Harsh Bandhey 2107234 Scalable thermography devices for telediagnostics
Meet Arora 2016055 Devising Intuitive Experiences using Extended Reality (XR)
Ahilya Sinha 2016009 Approximating SPARQL Queries
Sharan Pai 2016266 Information Sharing in MAS
Anish Madan 2016223 Robust Deep Learning
Neelabhro Roy 2016171 Subspace Learning for Person Re-Identification
Nishtha Singhal 2017302 Designing Interactive Interfaces and Systems
Gagandeep Singh 2016037 Co-location Pattern Mining
Utsav 2015110 Website handling and video editing
Tanya Gupta 2016107 Optimal Groundwater Acquifer Management
Gannerla Jayanth krishna yadav 2016038 Dashboard for traffic congestion control
Aakash Tanwar 2016215 Consensus for dimensionality reduction
Shashwat Malik 2015092 FiNC
Lakshya Singh 2016157 Exploring and characterizing different brain networks in healthy and ASD individuals from EEG recordings
Dhruv Verma 2017046 Design Space Exploration of Ubiquitous Computing Applications
Ayush Kushwaha 2017033 TWEEK
Ayushman Pandita 2016026 My JEE Mentor
Mandeep singh 2016242 Optimal control of multi agents system
Saatvik Jain 2016261 Optimization problems in vehicle route network design