System Management


This course exposes the students to how a computer functions, and how they can manage their own systems. Starting with an Operating Systems installation, dual-OS installation and OS installation on a virtual machine, to knowing Linux commands, writing shell scripts, using tools such as sed and awk, connecting the machine to the network, setting up WiFi, understanding networking, setting up a website, use of Internet tools, cloud based systems, the course covers a vast ground.

1. Students are able to identify important components of a PC and how they are connected and how data flows between components.
2. Students are able to configure and manage a PC, including installing multiple OSs, other softwares, virtualization, taking backups, configuring security and networking parameters.
3. Students able to use Command-line-interface of a Linux machine, write shell scripts, use regular expressions, and use tools like sed and awk.
4. Students are able to set up a WiFi network, connect devices to network, set up DHCP, use of wireshark to monitor networks.
5. Students are able to set up a website, and use a basic cloud computing service.

Course Offering