Sensing Systems and Data Analytics in Building Energy Management


This course is designed to allow students to put together an end-to-end system involving software development, hardware design, data collection and data analytics for the upcoming research domain of Cyber Physical Systems (or Internet of Things as some people would prefer to call it). Specifically, the course focusses on Building Energy Consumption within the broader perspective of Cyber Physical Systems.

1. Knowledge of standard interfaces using for sensing systems in Building Energy domain e.g. RS485, 1-wire, Modbus, BACnet, Power Line Communication.
2. Working knowledge of using either a microcontroller platform or a single board computer like RPi for collecting relevant data from sensors monitoring parameters related to building energy consumption
3. Hands-on experience of deploying the systems for real world data collection
4. Knowledge of interfacing with cloud services for data collection
5. Understanding of applications of machine learning/statistical tools for analysis of the collected data
6. Limited ability to setup a building energy management systems and/or interface with a commercial building energy management system


Course Offering