Network Security

CSE231 ,CSE232

Network security complements Security Engineering (CSE352/552) class. While Security Engineering focuses on host centered security postures, issues, and ptential defenses. Network Security approaches computer security from the point of view of network traffic flowing between communication peers, viz. confidentiality, system availability, authenticating and authorizing user accessing a networked service, access controls, anonymity and privacy.

1. Students are able to describe network security postures and their vulnerabilities, in different layers - L2, L3 and L5.
2. Students are able to design different authentication and authorization systems which are commonly used - shared symmetric key based authentication vs public-private key based authentication.
3. Students are able to implement different security primitives in modern OS and platforms.
4. Students are able to describe various forms of vulnerabilities in modern networked systems - e.g. Web security, wifi security, DNS security, Routing Security and strategies to mitigate them.

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