Multimedia Computing and Applications


By the end of the course, the students will be familiar with the common computing fundamentals employed in a variety of multimedia and social media applications such as content-based multimedia processing, mining, retrieval and summarization, multimodal-based semantic and sentiment detection, and recommendations on social networks. The students will be exposed to the core techniques and algorithms spanning across the common and emerging multimedia applications such as the analysis of social media contents, users and their social relationships, and multimodal semantic and sentiment analysis. They will have experience in applying these techniques to novel situations and will be able to do analytical as well as empirical performance evaluation of the particular technique in the overall application context.

  1. Understand advanced multimedia and social media computing applications and latest technologies
  2. Knowledge of crawling strategies and underlying content processing, content transformation, resource optimization, and multi-source data fusion techniques
  3. Enable in formulating novel approaches for future multimedia computing and social media computing applications
  4. Use evaluation strategies to analyze results, preparing report, and visually present the insights

Course Offering