Data Warehousing


The international market for Business Intelligence and Data warehouse is increasing rapidly and is currently estimated to be in hundreds of billion of US dollars. A number of Indian companies, even in NCR of Delhi, are already carrying out projects in the area. Yet, there is an acute shortage of skilled human resources in the subject and the course attempts to plug this gap. Students will be taken over the development life cycle of a data warehouse starting from requirements engineering, systems design and implementation phases. The application environment in which a data warehouse is embedded shall be brought out so that the value of the new technology is clearly discernable. The course will use open source tools for development.

  1. Demonstrate that a Data Warehouse is for decision support whereas a database is for supporting transactions.
  2. Elicit required information for a decision
  3. Design the data warehouse including data model design, user interface and physical design.
  4. Develop the data warehouse in an agile manner

Course Offering