Statistical Computation


The objective of this course is to provide knowledge about concepts and methods of statistical analysis. Data can be generated by machine or manually collected during surveys. All kinds of data-sets need analysis to the point such that we can make conclusions about the trend in the data. Hence statistical modelling and inference is often needed. Recently multiple kinds of statistical modelling approach have been suggested. Some statistical methods have been implemented as tools while some are implemented by users according to need of data-analysis. This course would provide the basics of statistical inference and methods introducing some computational techniques to perform modelling of systems. Through this course student will also learn about weakness and strength of such statistical modelling methods which could guide them to distinguish or develop suitable analysis techniques.

1. Studentsare able to explain and summarise several statistical approaches.
2. Students are able to identify and justify relevance of different statistical methods for example data analysis problem.
3. Students will utilize computational tools designed for few statistical approaches.
4. Students are able to implement known statistical methods and critique on concluding about results of analysis.

Course Offering