Privacy in Location-based Services


Personalised services for mobile devices are currently hot on wheels due to the ubiquity of these devices and the increasing popularity of personalised services. The most popular form of these services enable us to obtain information on-the-go, information which depend on the spatio-temporal location and the identity of the requesting user. No wonder these services have caught the fancy of global population, and currently, there are many commercial ventures engaged in large business around the world. On the other hand, privacy advocates claim that such services come with an inherent risk of privacy breach in the sense that service is provided based on private information. This course will focus on issues related to these risks of privacy breach from various perspectives such as privacy threats in location based services, different computational notions of privacy, mechanisms to mitigate privacy attacks, tradeoff in privacy and utility in different types of location based services, database algorithms to execute private queries.Students will be assigned some papers each week which they have to present as well as review and implement.

1. Knowledge of various indexing techniques on spatial data.
2. Student will be aware of issues and challenges in providing privacy in Location based Services.
3. Student will know about the state of the art techniques for location privacy in LBS.


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