Multimedia Security

CSE340/CSE540 ,ECE350

Media Security course introduces the multimedia fundamentals and security related issues such as rights protection, authentication, traitor tracing, forensics, adversarial signal processing, covert communication and surveillance. Overview of different aspects of multimedia security and compression techniques, architectures and standards will be discussed. Some of the course topics are information hiding and its applications, media compression, robustness analysis, encryption, passive forensics, source identification, multimedia signatures and egocentric video forensics, adversarial signal processing, Discrete Fourier/Wavelet Transform, electrical network frequency estimation, visual surveillance, steganography and steganalysis.

1. Students are able to understand and analyse the media representation and fundamentals.
2. Students are able to apply and evaluate the media security techniques.
3. Students are able to perform forensics and counter-forensics.
4. Students are able to demonstrate an understanding of visual surveillance.

Course Offering