Topics in Cryptanalysis


This course aims for analyzing the security of various cryptosystems. The course will befocusing mainly on the fundamentals of cryptanalysis techniques as mentioned: Differential Cryptanalyis; Linear Cryptanalysis; Meet in the Middle Attack; Rebound Attack; Time-Memory Trade-off Attack; Hash function attacks (Damgaard's MD4 attack, Wang's attack on MD4, MD5, SHA-1); Attacks against RSA, Number Field Sieve; Side channel attacks (Cache timing, Fault attacks, Memory remanence); Algebraic attacks; Quantum Attacks (Shor's algorithm, Grover's algorithm) etc.

1. Students are able to read, interpret and write theoretical papers in Cryptography.
2. Students are able to learn about various attack techniques on Cryptosystems.
3. Students are able to propose new and improved attacks on various Cryptosystems.
4. Students are able to analyse overall security of existing cryptosystems.

Course Offering