Research Methods in Social Science


The Social Sciences Research Methods course will focus on providing an introduction and a broad overview of how Social Researchers namely Economists, Anthropologists, Psychologists and Sociologists ask and answer questions through rigorous research methodologies. The course will not only provide an overview of identifying social problems and formulating research questions but will also introduce learners to framing their research design, collecting social data, techniques of data analyses and interpretation of results through a systematic research paradigm. In order to accomplish this, the course is designed to offer learners an assortment of quantitative and qualitative methods. The course will concurrently use quantitative, qualitative and other specialised software to analyse real social data that is either publicly available or has been collected by our faculty members. This class would use a combination of in-class lectures and lab sessions to help students complement their theoretical knowledge with hands on experience with dealing with datasets, data analysis software, and data analytical techniques.

  1. Students are able to undestand the foundations of social research methods
  2. Students are able to identify social problems, formulate research questions and design clear research agenda
  3. Students are able to analyse qualitative and quantitative data using statistical software such as R, SPSS and QDA Miner.
  4. Students are able to independently design aresearch study, to investigate a real world phenomeon.

Course Offering