Digital Delhi Conclave on IT and Health for All

The idea behind the annual IIIT-D Digital Delhi Conclave is a simple one: to create a public platform to discuss the evolution of information technology and its implications for sustainable development of the national capital region. As an institution recognized for its cutting-edge research and teaching in information technology, we are very well placed to initiate this discussion on how the rise of information technology can play a role in the sustainable development of Delhi and the NCR region. Moreover, as a public institution, located in the heart of this bustling India’s largest metropolis, we see our role as an agenda-setter for issues of AI and IT and how they relate to the key sustainable development goals (SDGs) for our shared future.

In 2019, the theme for our conclave will be Digital Delhi and Health for all. This dialogue will contribute to Delhi achieving health-related sustainable development goals with the help of IT and related changes in society. During the day-long event, to be held on the 7th of December, we will see thought leaders, scientists, innovators, social scientists and science communicators engage in a lively discussion on the way ahead for health in India and the unique gaps that IIIT-D can bridge. In terms of events, the conclave will feature public panels, lectures and workshops that will focus on key issues such as child and maternal health, public health, social medicine, genomics as well as on the challenge of communicating health policy. The public panels and science communication workshop will sensitize and equip the researchers and students towards the need for public engagement at all levels.


India Faces a Huge 'Health for All’ Challenge, Can Technology Save the Day?

In it’s inaugural year, the Digital Delhi Conclave will host a bespoke event where student teams will debate one of the most significant questions relating to IT and the future of healthcare. The proposed motion seeks to argue that India, and Delhi in particular, needs a health care revolution, how far can technology solve this problem? Can we really afford the costs? Are privacy issues too daunting to propose a new big data based system? Is the healthcare education and service delivery mechanism prepared to take on the big data driven agenda? In brief, are countries like India ready to take up technology innovations to meet the sustainable development challenge?

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Effective Communication Workshop for Scientists and Innovators by DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance

This workshop, hosted in collaboration with the DBT Wellcome India Alliance, will focus on science communication. We aim to strengthen the participant's effective science communication as well as public engagement by introducing them to new innovation and interactive .

Banya Kar
(DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance)
Sarah Iqbal
(DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance)

Dialogue I
Technology & Future of Health

Prof. Ahmadulla Shariff
(AIIMS, New Delhi)
Mriganka Saxena
(Habitat Tectonics, Architecture and Urbanism)
Prof. Supten Sarbadhikari
(Consultant, Digital Health Standards)
Shimona Kanwar
(Times of India)
Vishweshwer Rao Perka
(DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance)

Dialogue II
Technology & Future of Health

Rajesh R Singh
(WISH Foundation)
Prof. Rakesh Lodha
(AIIMS, New Delhi)
Rema Nagarajan
(Times of India)
Prof. Shinjini Bhatnagar
(THSTI, India)
Dr. Suneeta Krishnan
(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Dr. Shahab Ali Siddiqui
(International Child Rights Organization)

Keynote Speaker

Dr. R.K. Srivastava
(WISH Foundation)

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Aasim Khan
Tavpritesh Sethi

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