Computing Services

High Performance Computing Facility

The primary mission of the High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) is the delivery and support of an HPC resource to be used by IIIT-D faculty members, research scholars and students. Our HPC system comprises of a modular Blade Chassis with 5 blades populated at present. Two separate rack servers for GPU processing with Nvidia Tesla K20 GPU of 2496 Cuda cores and Nvidia Tesla V100 card of 5120 Cuda cores with 16 GB GPU RAM have also been installed. All servers are connected using 10G interconnect and are also connected to SAN storage. The entire HPC setup currently has 96 CPU Cores and 96 GB RAM in each server with a theoretical TFLOP rating of 3.44. It is a highly scalable setup and is targeted to reach around 1000 cores in near future.