Symposium on

Computational Gastronomy


Date: 10th December 2023
Location: IIIT-Delhi

Unraveling the Digital Future of Food

The Symposium bridges the worlds of culinary arts and artificial intelligence.
Computational Gastronomy is an emerging interdisciplinary data science of food, recipes, flavors, nutrition, health, and sustainability.

Join us to discover how the culinary landscape is being transformed.

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Interdisciplinary Approach

Bringing the chefs, data scientists, researchers, and industry professionals together to explore the intersection of culinary arts and computational methods.

Data-Driven Insights

Learn how big data, machine learning, and AI are providing new perspectives on food pairing, culinary fingerprints, disease-specific recommendations, and more.

Sustainability & Health

Discover how Computational Gastronomy can lead to more sustainable food practices and better health outcomes through informed, data-driven decisions.

Culinary Innovation

Unlock the potential of creative recipe generation, unique flavor combinations, and novel food-beverage pairings through the power of data analytics.



Join us on an API journey at Fork-It Hackathon hosted by ACM and CoSyLab at IIIT Delhi! Unleash your creativity, dive into cutting-edge APIs, and stand a chance to win Rs. 30,000!
First Phase: 7th Nov - 14th Nov
Second Phase: 17th Nov
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Computational Gastronomy

What is Computational Gastronomy? What is the science behind it? What are the data sources? RecipeDB, FlavorDB, SpiceRx, DietRx, SustainableFoodDB.

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Can a computer think like a Chef? How do I pair ingredients meaningfully? Can AI generate new recipes? Can we tweak my recipe for better health outcomes? How do we address nutrition deficiencies? Can I do cuisine fusion of recipes?

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FoodBytes: The Digital Building Blocks of Food. Ayurveda Informatics. Center for Sustainable Food.

Our Speakers

Chef Ruchira

AI Chef Ruchira

Chief Creative Chef

AI Restaurant

Chef Manjit

Chef Manjit Singh Gill


Indian Federation of Culinary Associations

Chef Garima

Chef Garima Arora

Michelin Star Awarded Chef

Restaurant GAA, Bangkok

Kamal Kant Pant

Kamal Kant Pant


IHM Pusa

Chef Sanjay Thakur

Chef Sanjay Thakur

Executive Chef

Riyadh Air

Pawan Agarwal

Pawan Agarwal


Future Food Foundation

Shreya Agrawal

Dr. Shreya Agrawal

Co-Founder, The Happy Collar

Founder, Sattvaj

Dr. Sujeet Ranjan

Dr. Sujeet Ranjan

Associate Director, Nutrition

Tata Trusts

Chef Akshay Malhotra

Chef Akshay Malhotra


Adikshay Food

Roshan Shankar

Roshan Shankar

Founder, Saroja Earth


Mansi Goel

Mansi Goel

Tech Lead

FoodBytes Technologies

Rishi Agarwal

Rishi Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Ayusla

Ayurveda Informatics

Prof. Tarini

Prof. Tarini Shankar Ghosh

Human Microbiome


Ganesh Bagler

Ganesh Bagler

Founder, FoodBytes Technologies

Computational Gastronomy Pioneer

Captain Cook

AI Captain Cook

Chef Co-Pilot

AI Restaurant

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Prof. Ganesh Bagler
Department of Computational Biology
Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence, IIIT-Delhi, New Delhi