Symposium on Computational Creativity

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the shape of Arts, Science, Sports, and Sensory!?

25 March 2023 (Saturday)


Charting the future of Creativity

Creative Writing

Fiction, Poetry, Script Writing. All aspects of creative writing are getting affected by Large Language Models (LLMs) as demonstrated by ChatGPT. What next?



Is it possible to capture the essence of music with statistical models? Are their underlying rules for music? Will AI be able to generate music at par with an artist?


Science & Sports

Can AI imitate creative aspects of science and sports? Will AI be able to gather the collective essence of scientific knowledge, whether it is chemistry or maths?



The sensory space is dominated by artists - chefs, flavorists & perfumers. Will AI be able to capture the vast subtle sensory intutions at par with these experts?



Sandeep Ranade

Vocalist, CS Engineer

Indian Classical Singer

Krish Ashok

Engineer, Musician, Author

Masala Lab

Shandar Ahmad

Professor, Poet (Urdu Shayari)


Tanmoy Chakraborty

Scientist, Sports Lover


Rishemjit Kaur

AI Engineer, Odor Prediction


Ganesh Bagler

Making Food Computable


AI versus Artist

Can AI replace an Artist?

Join & Compete

AI versus Musician

Can AI replace a Musician?

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Creative Arts

“Music, Patterns and Computational Musicology”
“Invasion of Artificial Intelligence into Music Industry”

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AI Shakespear
Fiction, Poetry, Script Writing
AI Mozart
Classical Music, Background Score
AI Chef/Perfumer
Cooking, Cocktails, and Perfumes

Creativity in Action


Join the debate on AI & Creativity

Join us to explore applications of AI for creative endeavors — Creative Writing, Poetry, Script Writing, Painting, Music, Chemistry, Sports Analysis, Cooking, and Perfumery. Who can join:Artists, Data Scientists, Researchers, Students, and industry professionals interested in applications of AI-driven creativity.

Registration Fees (Including GST): Rs 1770 (Industry Participants) and Rs 1180 (Students/Academicians/Artists). Registration fee covers participation certificate, lunch, and tea/coffee. Accommodation and travel allowances are NOT covered in the registration fees.

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