Institute’s Collaborations

Indo-Korea Collaboration:

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) has set up an R&D lab in collaboration with IRISYS Co. Ltd, a company from South Korea working in the area of biometric security. This is the first time any Korean company has set up a research lab in an academic institution in India. The lab was inaugurated by Mr. Hyun Cho, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, in the presence of several CEOs of Korean companies, faculty members and students of IIIT-Delhi. Mr. Ted Huntae Kim, CEO of Optimede, also signed an MoU with IIIT-Delhi for setting up of another R&D Lab in near future. Optimede is a Korean company building disposable low-cost medical imaging devices.


Infosys Grant for Center for Artificial Intelligence:

Infosys Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Infosys) provided IIIT-Delhi a 24 Crore Rupee, three-year corpus grant to establish the Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence at IIIT Delhi campus. Mr. Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer of Infosys, inaugurated the Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence and also unveiled the website of the center. This is one of the largest endowments that industry has provided to academia for research in India. This was possible due to our extensive achievements: IIIT-Delhi has one of the best PhD programmes in the country and has attracted the best faculty from top institutions in India and abroad. The center has started to work on three very interesting projects: ‘I am Kalam’, a project to create a virtual persona of Dr. Kalam; ‘Swarath’, a project towards creating an autonomous shuttle for the urban Indian; and ‘Aurora’, an intelligent UAV platform with capabilities such as autonomous flying, navigation, and landing etc.


Association with University of Florida:

The Institute signed a cooperative agreement with the University of Florida. The primary objective of this agreement is the development of cooperative efforts between University of Florida and IIIT-Delhi which will enhance the academic and research interchange between the two institutions. Both organizations agreed to promote exchange between the faculty and students of the two institutions as well as exchange of academic and research information. Under this agreement, 3 B. Tech students of IIIT-Delhi spent a semester in Florida University from Jan 2016-June 2016. The credits completed by the students in Florida will count towards the overall B. Tech requirements.


Ulsan National Institute Of Science, Republic of Korea (UNIST)

IIIT-Delhi has signed an MOU with UNIST, for a period of five years to promote academic cooperation between both the institutes, in the mutual areas of interest by means of exchange of faculty and students, joint development of research projects, joint supervision of PhD students, Joint organization of scientific and academic lectures, activities, conferences etc. and interchange of information or academic publications for common interest.


Universidade de de Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil

IIIT-Delhi signed an MOU with USP, to promote academic cooperation between both institutions, in the mutual areas of interest, by means of: exchange of teaching staff and researchers; joint development of research projects; joint organization of scientific and cultural events; interchange of information and of academic publications; exchange of students; exchange of members of their technical and administrative staffs; shared courses and subjects.


Faculty Collaborations  (2015-2016)

Industry Collaborations

• Collaboration with Rameshwar Pratap, TCS Innovation Labs, Delhi NCR on a non-funded project.

• Adobe Bengaluru. Through the Faculty Research Award.

• Prof. Pedro Barquinha, CENIMAT, FCT, UNL, Lisbon, Portugal.

• Dr. Mohan Dhawan (IBM IRL Delhi) and Dr. Subodh Sharma (IIT Delhi),

  • Thread safety of libraries

  • Automatic program repair

  • Exception analysis

• Mohan Dhawan, IBM Research, New Delhi. – Worked on TASVEER project.

• Engaged with Ingersol Rand (Bangalore). They were interested in our proposal of autonomous last mile connectivity (entered as project SWARATH in the Mahindra Rise Challenge).

• Continental AG has provided support for our entry in the Mahindra Rise challenge by providing us with their short range automotive RADARs. They are interested in the performance evaluation of RADAR(s) in Indian conditions.


Academic Collaborations

Dr. Anand Srivastava

• Academic collaboration with Prof Keith Blow of Aston University under Errasmus Mundus Fellowship [visiting Scholar to Aston University, UK, June/July 2015].

• Working with Prof Byrav Rammoorthy of UNL to be co-guide for one of my PhD student.


Dr. Anubha Gupta

• Prof. Ritu Gupta (AIIMS, Delhi)- Deity funded project on development of Leuko-analyzer (Microscopic Image Analysis).

• Prof. Ajay Garg (AIIMS, Delhi)- fMRI signal and image processing, two students, discussion over phone, bi-monthly visits to AIIMS, New Delhi.

• Dr. Ananya Sen Gupta (University of Iowa, USA) - Signal Processing for Underwater Communication, one student, Regular weekly Skype meetings, visited University of Iowa in Dec. 2015.

• Prof. S.D. Joshi (IIT Delhi)- EEG Signal Processing, one PhD student, regular weekly meetings at IIT Delhi.

• Dr. Vimal Bhatia (IIT Indore)- UWB communication, one PhD student, regular weekly Skype meetings, two visits by Dr. Bhatia to IIIT-Delhi last year.


Dr. A.V. Subrayamanyam

• Collaborative work with National University of Singapore and Kuwait University.

Collaborators: Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore and Dr. Sabu Emmanuel, Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering, Kuwait University, Kuwait.


Dr. Debajyoti Bera

• Collaboration with Subhamoy Maitra, CoEC, ISI Kolkata on a non-funded project.


Dr. Mayank Vasta

• Prof. Kevin Bowyer University of Notre Dame

  • Prof. Afzel Noore, West Virginia University


Dr. Mohammad S.Hashmi

• Prof. Fahdel M. Ghannouchi (University of Calgary, Canada) - development of multi-band circuits and components for SDR application.

• Prof. Ramesh Pokharel (Kyushu University, Japan) - on-chip antenna techniques.

• Prof. Jaleel Akhtar (IIT Kanpur) - Low Cost 1-port Vector Network Analyzer.

• Prof. Paul J. Tasker (Cardi_ University, UK) - Advanced RF Measurement Techniques

• Mr. M. Sohaib(Director, Siways Microelectronics) - Cost E_ective WiFi Booster


Dr. P.B Sujit

• Manu Korilla, NSTL, DRDO: Interested to propose a multi-use surface vessel for sea operations.

• Qamar Qureshi, WII: Interested in wild life mapping, habitat mapping for Tigers and Dolphin localization.


Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

• Georgia Tech. Prof. Munmun Choudhary. Online Social Media.  EMC2 / RSA. Through the research grant.


Dr. Pravesh Biyani

• Dr James Hogan, QUT, Australia, Machine Learning for Genomic Sequence comparison.

• Dr Akshay Soni, Yahoo Research, CA

• Dr Henk Wymeersch, Chalmers University, Sweden, Optimization for Communications

• Dr. Surendra Prasad, IIT Delhi


Dr. Pushpendra Singh

• Mobile Healthcare, Prof. Nancy Reynolds, Yale University, USA, . Prof. Allison Shorten, Yale University, USA, Dr. Bhanu Duggal, JJ Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Mona Duggal, PGIMER, Chandigarh, Dr. Meenu Singh, PGIMER, Chandigarh, Dr. Prabha, NIMHANS, Bengaluru.

• IVR+Mobile Systems, Prof. Patrick Olivier, Newcastle University, UK, Dr. Madeline Balaam, Newcastle University, UK .

• Personalized Mobile Services, Prof. Valerie Issarny, Inria, France, Prof. Nikolaos Gregontas, Inria, France , Dr. Animesh Pathak, Inria, France


Dr. Pydi Ganga

• Prof. Joao Goes and Dr. Asal Kiazadeh, UNINOVA, FCT, UNL, Lisbon, Portugal

• Vitor Grade Tavares, INESC-TEC, Porto, Portugal


Dr. Ojaswa Sharma

• Dr. Archana Mantri (Chitkara University), Developing Augmented Reality Teaching Aids for Engineering Education.


Dr. Rahul Purandare

• Only with Subodh Sharma. Communication deadlocks in MPI programs with Subodh Sharma and Dr. Matt Dwyer Runtime Verification under Lossy Conditions

• Dr. Anita Sarma (University of Oregon, USA). Automatic programming quiz generation

• Dr. Geoffrey Nellisen and Dr. David Pareira (University of Porto, Portugal). Runtime Verification of Real Time Systems

• Dr. Aditya Kanade (Indian Institute of Science, India). Automatic Feedback System for Programming Assignments

• Dr. Sebastian Elbaum (University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA). Analysis of Distributed Robotic Systems


Dr. Rajiv Raman

• Saurabh Ray, NYU Abu Dhabi – research visit Oct 2015.

• Satish Govindarajan, IISc Bangalore.

• Nabil Mustafa, University Paris-Est


Dr. Richa Singh

• Prof. Afzel Noore, West Virginia University, USA

• Prof. Kevin Bowyer University of Notre Dame, USA

• Dr. Nalini Ratha, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA


Dr. Saket Anand

• Continuing the collaboration in the area of Systems Engineering for Computer Vision with Prof.

Visvanathan Ramesh at University of Goethe, Germany. “Autonomous Shuttle for Last Mile Connectivity”.

• Continental AG has provided support for our entry in the Mahindra Rise challenge by providing us with their short range automotive RADARs.


Dr. Sujay Deb

• Dr. Amlan Ganguly, Rochester Institute of Technology, “Interference aware wireless NoC design”.

• Dr. Manoj K. Das, “The INCLEN Trust, Cuffless BP monitor”.

• Dr. Pratha Pande, Washington State University, “Low power NoC design”.


Dr. Sumit Darak

• Christophe Moy, “Opportunistic spectrum access for decentralized network”.


Dr. Viswanath. Gunturi

• Prof William Northrop and Prof Shashi Shekhar from University of Minnesota.


Dr. Vinayak Naik

• “Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, ”Prof. Sharma (Head of Internal Medicine), Prof. Sinha, and Prof. Soneja from AIIMS, New Delh Prof. Behera and Prof. Dhooria from PGIMER, Chandigarh .


Dr. Vivek Bohara

• Dr. Mazen Abi Hussein and Prof. Olivier Vernard of ESIEE Paris (University of Paris, East) ,““Multi-Stage DPD architecture for Multi Standard Wireless Transceivers”.

• Dr. Prof. Daniel Benevides da Costa of Federal University of Ceará (UFC), “Energy harvesting protocols”