CSRankings IIIT-Delhi


IIIT-Delhi is one of the most propitious young institutions for education and research in India. In a short span of time, the institute has established an excellent reputation in India and around the globe for its strong research culture and innovative educational programs. With its ingenious research work, state-of-the-art facilities and guidance by the world-renowned faculty, IIIT-Delhi has earned itself a position in many prestigious institute rankings all over the world.

Computer Science is one of the most prominent academic disciplines in the world and it gives us immense pleasure to announce that as per Computer Science Rankings also known as CSRankings, IIIT-Delhi currently holds 7th overall Rank in India (On the basis of publications from 2008-2020). Our overall rank in Asia is 44 and global rank is 243.

As per CS subfields, in India, IIIT-Delhi is ranked:

About CSRankings

CSRankings is a metrics-based ranking of top Computer Science institutions around the world. This Ranking system weighs departments by their presence at the most prestigious publication venues and identifies universities/colleges which are engaged in cutting-edge research and have publications at relevant Computer Science conferences. CSRankings are entirely transparent and provide researchers and administrators a platform to get updated about what scientists are publishing in the field of Computer Science globally.

An advantage of CSRankings is that it allows an individual to look at a large number of institutions, broken down by CS subfields namely- Artificial Intelligence, Systems, Theory and Interdisciplinary areas. Within these subfields, the institutions are ranked by a simple metric: adjusted publication counts in top conferences by individual authors.

Have a look at IIIT-Delhiā€™s publication profile as a pie chart: