Guinness World Record IIIT-Delhi

Guinness World Records IIIT-Delhi

India's National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and Wildlife Institute of India (WII) have featured in the Guinness World Records (GWR) for the largest camera trap wildlife survey. Camera traps were placed in 26,838 locations and surveyed an effective area of 121,337 square kilometres. In total, the camera traps captured about 3.5 crore photographs of wildlife from all over the country. This mega effort resulted in an estimated count of 2927 tigers in India, which was announced by PM Modi in July 2019.

We at IIIT-Delhi are proud to have played our part in this important endeavour towards tiger conservation. Our team comprising Gullal Singh Cheema (now an alumnus of IIITD), Ankita Shukla (PhD scholar), Deepak Magesh Srivastav (graduating UG student) and Dr. Saket Anand (faculty member) have been collaborating with WII on AI for wildlife monitoring. For the 2018 National Tiger Census, Gullal and Saket had developed an AI-based automatic species categorization module to deal with the massive amount of data. WII used this module to automatically sift through the 3.5 crore camera trap images and segregated 76,651 tiger images and 51,777 leopard images.

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