Topics in Adaptive Cybersecurity

CSE345/CSE545 ,CSE350/CSE550

This course focuses on providing students an interactive discussion based learning platform for exploration of topics in adaptive cyber security. The learning will be through instruction, course project and more importantly through discussions on student(s) presentation of assigned research papers. The instruction part of the course will cover basic contents required to understand the course materials, including topics such as threat intelligence, situational awareness and real-time adaptive security. Through this course, students can learn the state of the art and open problems in adaptive cyber security, thus enhancing their potential to perform research or pursue a career in this emerging area.

1. Students understand the key concepts and the latest developments/results in developing effective adaptive cybersecurity systems.
2. Students understand and are able to explain effectiveness and limitation of key approaches/solutions for adaptive cybersecurity.
3. Students Critique and evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of proposed solutions (from litreture) for adaptive cybersecurity.
4. Students are able to design, develop and implement specific solution(s) to an open problem in adaptive cybersecurity.

Course Offering