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Our workshop offers a holistic exploration of electronics system design, covering a spectrum of essential elements such as hands-on exposure to system design intricacies, circuit design optimization, and a deep dive into the realm of IIoT. Participants will receive practical training in PCB layout design and fabrication techniques, equipping them with invaluable skills for their electronic design endeavors. With access to specialized test and measurement workbenches, attendees can ensure the accuracy and reliability of their designs. Moreover, they'll engage in rapid prototyping using 3D printing technology, enabling swift system packaging and development. Throughout, participants will stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in electronic system design, fostering a dynamic learning environment that empowers them to refine their skills and acquire practical knowledge essential for success in the field.

Curriculum Elevation

Microcontrollers & Sensors

Understanding of microcontroller fundamentals, then dive into programming essentials, sensors, and actuators.

Trending Frontiers in Industrial IoT

Delve into IoT Fundamentals. Use cases with Microcontrollers like Arduino, ESP32, and More. Master Real-time Sensor Data

Electronics Circuit Design and Assembly

Proficiency in designing and assembling electronic circuits using schematic diagrams, PCB layouts, fabrication, and assembly of electronic devices.


Unraveling Debugging with T&M Instruments

Understanding the intricacies of debugging processes using Test and Measurement (T&M) instruments, focusing on troubleshooting techniques, data analysis, and optimizations for electronic systems and circuits.

Rapid Prototyping to Maintain Competitive Edge

Awareness with the rapid prototyping techniques to generate functional prototypes for products and systems. This process accelerates the product development cycle by enabling quick adjustments and enhancements.

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Category Fee (in Rs.)
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IIIT-Delhi Students 2200
Non IIIT-Delhi Students 2596
Professionals 4130
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IIIT-Delhi Students 2500
Non IIIT-Delhi Students 2950
Professionals 4500

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Last Date of Registration: 20th June 2024.

Event Organizers

AV subramanyam
Dr. A. V. Subramanyam

Head, Dept. of ECE

IIIT Delhi

Dr. R. K. Ghosh

Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE

IIIT Delhi

Dr. Rahul Gupta

Manager, ECE Labs

Dept. of ECE, IIIT Delhi

Mr. Abhishek Kumar

Junior Research Engineer, ECE Labs

Dept. of ECE, IIIT Delhi


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Venue: 303 & 304, ECE Labs, Lecture Hall Complex, IIIT Delhi

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abhishek@iiitd.ac.in, rahul@iiitd.ac.in