DDC 2022

Digital Delhi Conclave 2022
"Quality and Equitable Education"

3rd December 2022

The fourth edition of the Digital Delhi Conclave on the theme of “Quality and Equitable Education” aims to bring together leading academicians, researchers,research scholars and policy makers to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Quality and Equitable Education in India, specific to the region of Delhi NCR. The conclave will not only provide a premier interdisciplinary platform to researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns but will also talk over the practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted to impart quality education.

Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged governments, teachers, students, and parents worldwide. In response to school closures, various distance-learning options – the majority of them online – were swiftly and widely implemented to ensure learning continuity. Internet provision and distribution varies considerably, however, from region to region, suggesting that digital high-tech approaches do not necessarily foster equitable and inclusive learning environments. Just as significant, there remains insufficiency of learning resource allocations in government and school system education budgets. And while it has been widely reported that the pandemic has created additional challenges and costs for out-of-school children, the disabled, the economically disadvantaged, and other long-marginalized learners, the path to recovery remains uncertain.

To continue with the discussion on the aforementioned efforts for equity in education, as well as to build upon accelerating global and regional momentum on Equitable Education generally, the event will address governments’ strategies for, emerging trends of digital learning, and recovery programmes for marginalised and disadvantaged groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, to equip the target groups with necessary skills for their lifelong well-being and work.

After the event a Framework for Action will be developed to provide support and guidance on the coordination, implementation, governance, financing, monitoring and reporting mechanisms of the post-covid education agenda at regional and state levels.

Keynote Address

Prof. M. Jagdesh Kumar
Chairman, AICTE/UGC Chairman

Panel : Digital Technology idea of quality education

Poonam Batra
Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi
Rhea Handa
Central Square Foundation
Pankaj Jalote
Distinguished Professor (CSE), IIIT-Delhi
Garima Duggal
Khan Academy

Panel : Digital Technology and the future of equitable education

Sujit Mahapatra,
Bakul Foundation
Ankur Madan
Disability studies and inclusive education, APU
Dr. Bindu Ramdas Thirumalai
Mumbai Campus, Centre of Excellence in Teacher Educatio


Dr Amina Charania
Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education, TISS
Gurumurthy Kasinathan
(Director and Lead - Education and Technology)
Anwar Sadath
KITE in Kerala
Tarak Goradia
Education Innovator with Delhi Govt,Co-creator of Entrepreneurship mindset curriculum


Dr. Praveen Priyadarshi
(Assistant Professor, SSH)
Dr. Paro Mishra
(Assistant Professor, SSH)
Dr. Gayatri Nair
(Assistant Professor, SSH)
Dr. Smriti Singh
(Assistant Professor, SSH)

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