IIIT-Delhi Residence Directory (For Internal Use Only)

Service Location Extension No.
Health Emergency Medical facilities at Campus M. I. Room 531 admin-gh at
Chandiwala Institute of Medical Sciences For Help: 011-49020200
Dr. Y. Tomar 9871629605
Dr. Y.C. Mahajan 9999093522


Control Room 592, 9868244868 admin-facilities at
Faculty Residences 638  
Gate-1 592  
Gate-2 591  
Boys Hostel 520  
Girls Hostel 530  
Gym 546  
FMS and Support Team A-208 598, 566, 420, 9868878433 admin-facilities at
IT Helpdesk B-102 101 helpdesk at
Guest House A-202 562 support-fms at,
arunv at
Cafeteria-CCD Old Academic Building 599 ----
Cafeteria/ Juice Corner Students Centre 540 ----
Mess Students Centre 544 ----
Name Designation Room No. Extension No.

(Phone: 011-26907xxx)
Ranjan Bose Director & Professor A-707 (New Acad.) 481 bose at
Vinod Kumar Deputy Manager A-707 (New Acad.) 480 vinod at
Ashok Kumar Solanki Registrar B-204 419 asolanki at
Anshu Dureja Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 507 anshu at
Ashutosh Brahma Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 417 ashutosh at
K P Singh Consultant (Academics) B-201 422 kpsingh at
Nisha Narwal Junior Manager (Academics) A-207 483 nisha at
Prachi Mukherjee Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 545 prachi at
Priti Patel Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 505 priti at
Roshan Kumar Mishra Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 496 roshan at
Sheetu Ahuja Manager (Academics) B-202 416 sheetu at
Pallavi Kaushik Assistant Manager B-206 512 pallavi at
Arun Verma General Manager (Facilities) A-202 562 arunv at
Amit Shankdhar Deputy Manager (Finance & Accounts) A-109 429 amit at
Kapil Chawla Controller of Finance A-102 418 kapil at
Paridhi Rawat Junior Manager (Accounts) A-109 577 paridhi at
Aakriti Sinha Junior Manager (HR) B-208 432 aakriti at
Gursevak Singh Junior Manager (HR) B-208 431 gursevak at
Nayana Samuel Junior Manager (HR) B-208 430 nayana at
Alok Nikhil Jha Manager - Incubator Coordinator Student Centre 550 alok at
Rajendra Singh Manager (Library & Information Service) Library 510 rajendra at
Ajay Kumar Deputy Manager (Stores & Purchase) A-108 561 ajay at
Navin Kumar Gaur Junior Manager (Industry Outreach Program) A-209 586 navin at
Rashmil Mishra General Manager (Placement) A-203 423 rashmil at
Shweta Jaiswal Junior Manager (Placement & Industry Relations) A-207 584 shweta at
Anurag Tyagi Assistant Engineer (Civil) Service Block 564 anurag at
Sanjay Roy General Manager (Projects) Service Block 563 sanjay at
Umesh Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Service Block 565 umesh at
Nidhi Yadav Junior Manager (IRD) A-109 597 nidhi at
Rashmika Singh Junior Manager (IRD) A-109 594 rashmika at
Abhijeet Mishra Junior Research Engineer ECE Lab- Student Centre 514 abhijeet at
Khagendra Joshi Junior Research Engineer Library 518 khagendra at
Rahul Gupta Research Engineer Library 511 rahul at
Sana Ali Naqvi Junior Research Engineer Library 517 sana at
Khushpinder Pal Sharma Counselling Psychologist A-206 484 khushpinder at
Rahul Junior Manager(Student Affairs) A-207-1 421 rahul569 at
Ravi Bhasin Deputy Manager(Student Affairs) A-207-1 504 ravi at
Abhinay Saxena Manager (IT) B-105 574 abhinay at
Adarsh Kumar Agarwal Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 adarsh at
Bhawani Shah Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 bhawani at
Chahan Rashikbhai Katara Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 102 chahan at
Danish Parvez Software Program Manager & Developer B-101 570 danish at
Rahul Verma Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 rahulv at
Yogesh Sangwan Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 yogesh at
Ankit Agarwal Web Manager B-101 575 ankit at
Binoj Baby Junior Manager B-201 (New Acad.) 497 binoj at
Pooja Admin Assistant (CERC) B-307 596 pooja at
Priti Patwal Junior Manager A-501 (New Acad.) 411 pritip at
Risha Lal Junior Manager B-304 (New Acad.) 548 risha at
Sanjna Khosla Junior Manager A-601 (New Acad.) 593 sanjna at
Shipra Jain Junior Manager A-301 (New Acad.) 412 shipra at
Name Designation Room No. Extension No.
A V Subramanyam Assistant Professor A-410 (New Acad.) 437 subramanyam at
Aasim Khan Assistant Professor B-202 (New Acad.) 463 aasim at
Abir Das Assistant Professor B-610 (New Acad.) 539 abir.das at
Abhijit Mitra Visiting Faculty B-305 542 abhijit at
Akshay Kumar Visiting Faculty B-308-2(A) 448 akshay at
Alexander Fell Assistant Professor -- 585 alex at
Alka Pande Visiting Faculty B-308-1(b) 426 alka at
Aman Parnami Assistant Professor A-405 (New Acad.) 521 aman at
Amarjeet Singh Assistant Professor -- -- amarjeet at
Amrit Srinivasan Visiting Faculty A-404 491 amrit at
Anand Srivastava Professor A-605 (New Acad.) 450 anand at
Angshul Majumdar Assistant Professor A-606 (New Acad.) 451 angshul at
Anoop Ratn Visiting Faculty B-308-2 (A) 426 anoopratn at
Anubha Gupta Associate Professor B-609 (New Acad.) 428 anubha at
Anupam Saronwala Visiting Faculty A-301 590 anupam at
Anuradha Sharma Associate Professor B-311 (New Acad.) 534 anuradha at
Arun Balaji Buduru Assistant Professor B-504 (New Acad.) 469 arunb at
Ashish Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor B-307 (New Acad.) 461 ashish.pandey at
Bijoy Chand Chatterjee Visiting Faculty B-301 522 bijoy at
Chetan Arora Associate Professor A-509 (New Acad.) 475 chetan at
Debajyoti Bera Assistant Professor B-508 (New Acad.) 442 dbera at
Debarka Sengupta Assistant Professor A-306 (New Acad.) 446 debarka at
Donghoon Chang Associate Professor B-502 (New Acad.) 465 donghoon at
Drishti Sharma Visiting Faculty A-403 589 dristhi at
Ganesh Bagler Assistant Professor A-305 (New Acad.) 443 bagler at
Gaurav Arora Assistant Professor B-206 (New Acad.) 547 gaurav at
G.P.S. Raghava Professor A-302 (New Acad.) 444 raghava at
G.S. Visweswaran Visiting Faculty A-303 595 viswes at
Hemant Kumar Visiting Faculty B-302 488 hemant at
Indrani De Parker Visiting Faculty A-402 (New Acad.) 527 indrani at
Kiriti Kanjilal Assistant Professor B-208 (New Acad.) 558 kanjilal at
Kaushik Kalyanaraman Assistant Professor B-302 (New Acad.) 537 kaushik at
M S Hashmi Associate Professor A-608 (New Acad.) 453 mshashmi at
Manohar Khushalani Visiting Faculty B-306 492 manohar at
Manohar Kumar Assistant Professor B-207 (New Acad.) 557 manohar.kumar at
Mayank Vatsa Associate Professor A-504 (New Acad.) 434 mayank at
Monika Arora Assistant Professor A-304 (New Acad.) 587 monika at
Mukulika Maity Assistant Professor B-509 (New Acad.) 471 mukulika at
Naveen Prakash Visiting Faculty B-308-2(B) 447 naveen at
Naqueeb Warsi Assistant Professor -- -- naqueeb at
Ojaswa Sharma Assistant Professor A-408 (New Acad.) 476 ojaswa at
P B Sujit Assistant Professor A-512 (New Acad.) 459 sujit at
Pankaj Jalote Distinguished Professor A-705, New Acad 499 jalote at
Pankaj Vajpayee Visiting Faculty B-308-3(a) 515 pvajpayee at
Piyus Kedia Assistant Professor B-510 (New Acad.) 528 piyus at
Ponnurangam K. Associate Professor B-505 (New Acad.) 468 pk at
Pravesh Biyani Assistant Professor A-604 (New Acad.) 449 praveshb at
Pushpendra Singh Associate Professor A-411 (New Acad.) 458 psingh at
Pydi Ganga Mamba Bahubalindruni Assistant Professor B-607 (New Acad.) 424 bpganga at
Vijaya Raghava Mutharaju Assistant Professor B-511 (New Acad.) 455 raghava.mutharaju at
Rahul Purandare Assistant Professor A-503 (New Acad.) 473 purandare at
Raj Ayyar Visiting Faculty B-304 490 raj at
Rajiv Raman Assistant Professor B-507 (New Acad.) 573 rajiv at
Rajiv Ratn Shah Assistant Professor A-409 (New Acad.) 495 rajivratn at
Rakesh Chaturvedi Assistant Professor B-205 (New Acad.) 535 rakesh at
Richa Singh Associate Professor A-505 (New Acad.) 433 rsingh at
Saket Anand Assistant Professor A-510 (New Acad.) 425 anands at
Samaresh Chatterji Visiting Faculty B-303 487 samaresh at
Sambuddho Chakravarty Assistant Professor B-503 (New Acad.) 478 sambuddho at
Samrith Ram Assistant Professor B-305 (New Acad.) 472 samrith at
Sanat K Biswas Assistant Professor B-602 (New Acad.) 439 sanat at
Sanjit Kaul Assistant Professor A-511 (New Acad.) 457 skkaul at
Sankha S Basu Assistant Professor B-306 (New Acad.) 489 sankha at
Sarthok Sircar Assistant Professor B-303 (New Acad.) 435 sarthok at
Sayan Basu Roy Assistant Professor A-603 (New Acad.) 559 sayan at
Shachi Sharma Visiting Faculty B-301 538 shachi at
Shilpak Banerjee Assistant Professor B-312 (New Acad.) 464 shilpak at
Shobha Sundar Ram Assistant Professor B-606 (New Acad.) 460 shobha at
Shriram Venkatraman Assistant Professor B-203 (New Acad.) 536 shriramv at
Sneh Saurabh Assistant Professor B-608 (New Acad.) 456 sneh at
Sneha Chaubey Assistant Professor B-308 (New Acad.) 462 sneha at
Sriram K. Assistant Professor A-308 (New Acad.) 436 sriramk at
Subhadip Raychaudhuri Associate Professor A-303 (New Acad.) 438 subhadip at
Sujay Deb Assistant Professor A-607 (New Acad.) 452 sdeb at
Sumit J Darak Assistant Professor B-605 (New Acad.) 427 sumit at
Sumit Mediratta Visiting Faculty B-308-3(b) 543 sumit.mediratta at
Swapna Purandare Visiting Faculty A-302 549 swapna at
Syamantak Das Assistant Professor B-512 (New Acad.) 529 syamantak at
Tanmoy Chakraborty Assistant Professor A-507 (New Acad.) 466 tanmoy at
Tavpritesh Sethi Assistant Professor -- -- tavpriteshsethi at
Timothy Scott Moyers Jr Assistant Professor A-406 (New Acad.) 467 timothy at
Venkata Ratnadeep Suri Assistant Professor B-204 (New Acad.) 445 ratan.suri at
Vibhor Kumar Assistant Professor A-304 (New Acad.) 440 vibhor at
Vikram Goyal Associate Professor A-508 (New Acad.) 474 vikram at
Vinayak S. Naik Associate Professor -- -- naik at
Vivek Ashok Bohara Associate Professor A-609 (New Acad.) 454 vivek.b at
Vivek Kumar Assistant Professor B-506 (New Acad.) 441 vivekk at
Teaching Fellows
Name Department Room No. Extension No.
Angelina Chamuah SSH B-219 (New Acad) 415 angelina at
Nupur Ahluwalia CSE B-307 524 nupur at
Piyush Varshney ECE B-311 413 piyush at
Prashant Ranjan ECE B-307 524 prashant at
Pulkit Sharma ECE B-311 413 pulkit at
Saif Ali SSH B-219 (New Acad) 415 saif at
Sarita Mathematics B-307 524 sarita at
Shashvat Sanathya CSE B-307 524 shashvat at
Shreepriya Dogra CSE B-307 524 shree at
Suhasini Dharmarha SSH B-219 (New Acad) 415 suhasini at
V. Divya Sharma CSE B-307 524 divya at