Summer Internships Offered @ IIITD

The summer internship program 2018. Each year our faculty members invest their time, effort & innovation in some great real-time projects.The projects are listed below.
A student can apply for a max of 03 projects.The last date to apply is 31st March 2018. The results will be up on the website by 23rd April & the internship will commence from 7th May 2018.

Process to apply for internship

  1. The details of the project openings are listed below.
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  4. Fill the registeration form. If you want hostel select the checkbox accordingly.
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  7. Students who get selected for the summer internship at IIIT-Delhi will be receiving a stipend of 5k per month

Project Openings in IIITD

Faculty Name Project Name Project Detail Duration      
A V Subramanyam Visual Tracking and Person Reidentification Visual Tracking involves tracking of an object in a video by just looking at the first frame. We are using Deep Learning (DL) and Reinforcement Learning (RL) towards this task. In long term tracking, one has to re-identify a person when the person moves from one camera to another and again initialize tracker for further processing. This uses Metric Learning, DL and RL. 3 months
Aman Parnami Interactive Wearables for Social Good This project explores the possibilities of building interactive wearable solutions for social good. Under this broad theme are several smaller projects specific to stakeholders (e.g., Policemen, Conductors) for whom we will build the solutions. Each solution will comprise of work with the electronics, software, and physical materials. Students with design and crafts, programming, and/or electronics background may apply. 3 months
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (PK) Social Media Analysis 3 months
Anand srivastava Visible Light Communications/Fiber-Wireless Architecture 2 Months
Arun Balaji Buduru Context-sensitive prediction of security breaches in partially observable environments 3
Debarka Sengupta Voice activated district and state level interactive map of India We want to build a voice activated (speech recognition enabled) map of India to show health related statistics at the level of states and districts. 3 months
Donghoon Chang White box Cryptography design and analysis of White box Implementation of Block Ciphers 3 months
Ganesh Bagler Computational Gastronomy Tools - Android App Development Interns, with solid prior experience of Android App development, would develop Android Computational Gastronomy tools using the following two databases as the basis: (1) FlavorDB: a database of flavor molecules, Nucleic Acids Research, 2018. ( (2) SpiceRx: an integrated resource for the health impacts of culinary spices and herbs, bioRxiv, 2018, 3 months
Ganesh Bagler Data-driven Recipe Analytics and Recommendation System Analysis of food-recipe data and development of a recommender system using data of recipes, their ingredients and flavor molecules. Skills Required: Recommender Systems, Statistics, Distributional Semantics, Data Analytics. 3 months
Ganesh Bagler Applications of Machine Learning for Chemoinformatics Data Application of Machine Learning for Chemoinformatics data for towards prediction of flavor (odor/taste) of small molecules. Skills Required: Machine Learning, Supervised Classification, High Dimensional Data, Python/R. 3 months
Ganesh Bagler Pattern mining for Food-Disease Relations Data Statistical Analysis and Association Rule Learning to find correlations, patterns or causal structures from a large database of food-disease relations. Skills required: Association Rule Learning, Python/R, matplotlib, ggplot. 3 months
Gaurav Arora Characterizing and Comprehending Agricultural Land Use Change in India's Gangetic Plains The project will involve collecting and analyzing agricultural land use data at administrative (state, districts, etc.) and pixel-levels (satellite data) to model agricultural land use change. 3 months
K. Sriram Modeling and statistical analysis of cancer NGS data Determination of passenger and driver mutations in cancer systems 3 months
Mukulika Maity Leveraging WiFi infrastructure towards building a Smarter City This project aims at leveraging public WiFi infrastructure towards building a smarter city apart from the basic purpose of Internet connectivity provider. We will work on a) stuffing information in management frames of WiFi, b) Analysing and evaluating the performance of new 802.11ax standard 3
Mukulika Maity Scalable Measurement of Air Pollution using COTS IoT Devices Estimating air pollution of a locality from our measured air-pollution data and looking at factors, such as traffic conditions and greenery and so on. 3
Ojaswa Sharma Machine learning in volume rendering 3 months
Ojaswa Sharma Geometry creation for VR 3 months
Piyus Kumar Kedia Optimizing garbage collection for big-data platform Modern languages guarantee memory and type safety, which is a major step towards bug-free code. However, they come with additional costs, which makes them impractical for performance sensitive workloads. One of the main reason behind these overheads is garbage collection. Garbage collection eliminates the burden of manual memory management and ensures temporal-safety. To achieve this, garbage collectors extensively use kernel memory management APIs. The garbage collection does remarkably well for applications with small memory footprint or when most of the objects have short lifetimes. However, for big-data workloads (works on GBs of data), it performs very poorly. The goal of this study is to understand the cost of memory management system call APIs and try to move them in the user-space (much like an exokernel way) for improving the performance of garbage collection. three months
Pravesh Biyani Auto Vending Machine AI/ML for vending machines 2-3 months
Pushpendra Singh FileSync The project will require development of a mobile/PC based software to sync contents on user devices in low-resource settings i.e. exploiting mechanisms of ad-hoc and opportunistic networking. The project will require good hands-on skills in python, java, and android programming. 2 months
Rahul Purandare Leveraging cross-language test suites for similar methods The higher objective of this work would be to leverage test suites from across libraries to test similar methods in other libraries- which may be cross language/cross-platform etc.,. For this, one requirement is to be able to automatically recognize if two methods are similar in functionality. One component of this work where the intern could work is how the method documentation could be used to compute methods' similarity. Desired skills: In Pattern recognition, Natural Language Processing, Program Synthesis(optional) 3 months
Rahul Purandare Safe operating systems for low-cost embedded devices. Low-cost wireless sensor nodes have severe storage and power constraints. Moreover, these architectures have limited support for memory management and protection. Despite these constraints, they need to provide services of a general purpose system. Because of the limited user interface, dependability is also a prime requirement. The goal of this project is to design a general-purpose OS for these platforms using a safe language, which meets the dependability requirement, while efficiently using the available resources. 3 months
Rajiv Ratn Shah Multimodal Social Media Computing With the advent of smartphones and auto-uploaders, user-generated content (e.g., tweets, photos, and videos) uploads on social media have become more numerous and asynchronous. Thus, it is difficult and time taking for users to manually search (detect) interesting events. It requires for social media companies to automatically detect events and subsequently recommend them to their users. An automatic event detection is also very useful in an efficient search and retrieval of user-generated content. Furthermore, since the number of users and events on event-based social networks (EBSN) is increasing rapidly, it is not feasible for users to manually find the personalized events of their interest. We would like to further explore events on EBSN such as Meetup for different multimedia analytics projects such as recommending events, groups, and friends to users. We would like to use Deep Neural Network (DNN) technologies due to their immense success to address these interesting problems. In recent years, advances in DNN technologies have yielded immense success in computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and speech processing. Especially, DNN has enabled significant performance boost in many visual tasks including image and video semantic classification, object detection, face matching and retrieval, text detection and recognition in natural scenes, image and video captioning, text classification, speech classification, item recommendation, and others. Recent studies confirm that DNN-based new representations contribute performance improvement in event detection and recommendation. In addition to user-generated content (e.g., tweets, photos, and videos), a significant amount of social and contextual information is available on a social media platform. Thus, the goal of this project is to explore the new directions and the technologies of DNN-based event detection and recommendation leveraging multimodal social media information. 3 months
Rakesh Chaturvedi Market mechanisms for mineral allocation in India The interns will be expected to: 1) collate and analyze data on previous and ongoing mineral auctions in India, including bids information and engineering/geo-technical data for allocated mines; 2) compile a report on the policies and major socio-economic-political events for mineral allocation in India. 2 months
Saket Anand 2018 Driverless Car Project Develop Perception and Planning modules for IIITD's driverless car project 2.5 months
Saket Anand Visual Wildlife Monitoring Detection and Identification of Animals in Camera Trap images 2.5 months
Samaresh Chatterji Graph Theory Algebraic Graphtheory 8 weeks
Samrith Ram Combinatorics and Graph Theory Students learn techniques in combinatorics and graph theory including some applications. 2 months
Sanat K. Biswas Switched Mode Kalman Filter for Real-time orbit determination at High Earth Orbits For a highly non-linear system and low PDOP GNSS observations, the EKF and the Unscented type Kalman Filters provide similar accuracy. For high PDOP the Unscented type Filters provide better accuracy than the EKF. Hence, for a non-linear application with GNSS observations online switching of Kalman Filter variants based on the non-linearity and the PDOP can enable optimal use of computation resource. This can be particularly helpful for GNSS based orbit determination of spacecrafts in highly elliptical orbits. 1-2 Months
Sankha S. Basu Mathematical logic Mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics 1 month
Sarthok Sircar Kinetics of biological gels The project aims to study the behavior of biological gels under variable physiological environment (i. e. ph, salt concentration, charge density). 3 months
Sujay Deb Wearable devices for preventive healthcare Objective is to develop wearable devices to monitor critical parameters continuously and making sense of the data 3 months
Sujay Deb Vein finder Objective is to locate vein using smart phone camera 3 months
Sujit Multi uav coordinated control Designated and development of coordinated algorithm for multiple UAVs. This will involve development of algorithm as well as hardware experimentation. 2 months
Sumit Darak Machine Learning for Wireless Networks Design and implement online (reinforcement) learning algorithm for coordination in infrastructure-less networks. 3 months
Sumit Darak USRP Demo for Wireless Networks Design and develop demo using USRPs for wireless applications such as aeronautical communications and cognitive radio. 3 months
Tanmoy Chakraborty Different aspects of social networks We will study various aspects of social media including network diffusion, growth, security, fraud and malicious activities etc. 3 months
Vibhor Kumar statistical analysis of single cell expression and epigenome students will implement codes for analysis of single cell expression and epigenome 3 months
Vikram Graph Data Analytics Scalable Graph Algorithms on Big Data Platforms 3 months
Vivek Bohara 5G testbed Develeopment of testbed for some of the technologies that may be precursor to 5G cellular standard. 2
Vivek Kumar High Performance Work-Stealing Runtime This project will involve implementation of a C++11 library-based work-stealing runtime for dynamic task parallelism. Students will be provided the design of this runtime. 3 months
Vivek Kumar Developing Parallel Algorithms The intern will be given a set of parallel implementation of graph based algorithms implemented in Java. The intern will have to parallelize these algorithm in C++11 using dynamic task parallelism. They will have to measure the performance benefits and come up with improvements to further improve the parallel performance. 3 months