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Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (aka. IIIT-Delhi or IIIT-D) was created as a State University by an act of Delhi Government (The IIIT Delhi Act, 2007) empowering it to do research and development and grant degrees. IIIT-Delhi was officially established on 10th June, 2008 as per this notification in the Delhi Gazette. First class (for BTech(CSE) students) was held on 8th September, 2008.
The institute began with its first batch of 60 BTech students in 2008. This first batch graduated in 2012 - the first Convocation took place in November, 2012. By that time, the institute has attracted nearly 30 faculty members, and its academic program consisted of B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs in CSE and ECE. In a relatively short time, it has earned a good reputation in India and abroad for being a center of quality education and research in IT. 2012 turned out be more remarkable year because during the summer of this year, the institute started functioning from its permanent campus in Okhla. Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, inaugurated the campus in October, 2012.
The early days of this institute was chronicled by the founding and current Director in his blog here. See below for a list of all the major events of the institute so far.

Major Events and Notifications

  • » 2nd Apr 2008 - the IIIT-Delhi Act passed in Legislative Assembly (link)
  • » 2nd May 2008 - Notification of the IIIT-Delhi Act (link)
  • » 10th Jun 2008 - IIIT-Delhi officially established
  • » 20th Jun 2008 - Notification of IIIT-Delhi being eshtablised (link)
  • » 17th Jul 2008 - First statute (link)
  • » 8th Sep 2008 - First class for BTech(IT) (the program was later renamed to BTech(CSE))
  • » Aug 2009 - PhD(CSE) started
  • » Aug 2010 - MTech(CSE) started
  • » 9th Nov 2011 - Second statute (link)
  • » 14th Nov 2011 - Notification of General Council (link)
  • » 5th Jan 2012 - First ordinance (link)
  • » 27th Feb 2012 - name of BTech(IT) program is changed to BTech(CSE) (link)
  • » August 2012 - BTech(ECE), MTech(ECE) and PhD(ECE) started
  • » 29th Oct 2012 - Inauguration of Campus, Phase-I by Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi (link)
  • » 3rd Nov 2012- 1st Convocation (link)