IIIT-Delhi Residence Directory (For Internal Use Only)

Service Location Extension No.
Health Emergency Medical facilities at Campus M. I. Room 531 admin-gh at
Chandiwala Institute of Medical Sciences For Help: 011-49020200
Dr. Y. Tomar 9871629605
Dr. Y.C. Mahajan 9999093522


Control Room 592, 9868244868 admin-facilities at
Faculty Residences 638  
Gate-1 592  
Gate-2 591  
Boys Hostel 520  
Girls Hostel 530  
Gym 546  
FMS and Support Team A-208 598, 566, 420, 9868878433 admin-facilities at
IT Helpdesk B-102 101 helpdesk at
Guest House A-202 562 support-fms at,
arunv at
Cafeteria-CCD Old Academic Building 599 ----
Cafeteria/ Juice Corner Students Centre 540 ----
Mess Students Centre 544 ----
Name Designation Room No. Extension No.

(Phone: 011-26907xxx)
Ranjan Bose Director & Professor A-707 (New Acad.) 481 bose at
Vinod Kumar Deputy Manager A-707 (New Acad.) 480 vinod at
Ashok Kumar Solanki Registrar B-204 419 asolanki at
Anshu Dureja Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 507 anshu at
Ashutosh Brahma Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 417 ashutosh at
K P Singh Consultant (Academics) B-201 422 kpsingh at
Nisha Narwal Junior Manager (Academics) A-207 483 nisha at
Prachi Mukherjee Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 545 prachi at
Priti Patel Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 505 priti at
Roshan Kumar Mishra Junior Manager (Academics) B-207 496 roshan at
Sheetu Ahuja Manager (Academics) B-202 416 sheetu at
Pallavi Kaushik Assistant Manager B-206 512 pallavi at
Arun Verma General Manager (Facilities) A-202 562 arunv at
Amit Shankdhar Deputy Manager (Finance & Accounts) A-109 429 amit at
Kapil Chawla Controller of Finance A-102 418 kapil at
Paridhi Rawat Junior Manager (Accounts) A-109 577 paridhi at
Aakriti Sinha Junior Manager (HR) B-208 432 aakriti at
Gursevak Singh Junior Manager (HR) B-208 431 gursevak at
Nayana Samuel Junior Manager (HR) B-208 430 nayana at
Alok Nikhil Jha Manager - Incubator Coordinator Student Centre 550 alok at
Rajendra Singh Manager (Library & Information Service) Library 510 rajendra at
Rakibul Hasan Mondal Junior Manager (Library & Information Service) Library 503 rakibul at
Ajay Kumar Deputy Manager (Stores & Purchase) A-108 561 ajay at
Navin Kumar Gaur Junior Manager (Industry Outreach Program) A-209 586 navin at
Rashmil Mishra General Manager (Placements, Corporate Relations & IOP) A-203 423 rashmil at
Anurag Tyagi Assistant Engineer (Civil) A-208 564 anurag at
Sanjay Roy Chief Engineer A-201 563 sanjay at
Umesh Assistant Engineer (Electrical) A-208 565 umesh at
Nidhi Yadav Junior Manager (IRD) A-109 597 nidhi at
Rashmika Singh Junior Manager (IRD) A-109 594 rashmika at
Abhijeet Mishra Junior Research Engineer B-303 (Lecture hall complex) 514 abhijeet at
Khagendra Joshi Junior Research Engineer B-305 (Lecture hall complex) 518 khagendra at
Rahul Gupta Research Engineer B-304 (Lecture hall complex) 511 rahul at
Sana Ali Naqvi Junior Research Engineer B-302 (Lecture hall complex) 517 sana at
Khushpinder Pal Sharma Counselling Psychologist A-206 484 khushpinder at
Rahul Junior Manager(Student Affairs) A-207-1 421 rahul569 at
Ravi Bhasin Deputy Manager(Student Affairs) A-207-1 504 ravi at
Abhinay Saxena Manager (IT) B-105 574 abhinay at
Adarsh Kumar Agarwal Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 adarsh at
Bhawani Shah Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 bhawani at
Chahan Rashikbhai Katara Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 102 chahan at
Danish Parvez Software Program Manager & Developer B-101 570 danish at
Rahul Verma Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 rahulv at
Yogesh Sangwan Junior Manager (System Admin & Networking) B-104 576 yogesh at
Ankit Agarwal Web Manager B-101 575 ankit at
Binoj Baby Junior Manager B-201 (New Acad.) 497 binoj at
Pooja Admin Assistant (CERC) B-307 596 pooja at
Priti Patwal Junior Manager A-501 (New Acad.) 411 pritip at
Risha Lal Junior Manager B-301 (New Acad.) 548 risha at
Sanjna Khosla Junior Manager A-601 (New Acad.) 593 sanjna at
Shipra Jain Junior Manager A-301 (New Acad.) 412 shipra at
Name Designation Room No. Extension No.
A V Subramanyam Assistant Professor A-410 (New Acad.) 437 subramanyam at
Aasim Khan Assistant Professor B-202 (New Acad.) 463 aasim at
Abir Das Assistant Professor B-610 (New Acad.) 539 abir.das at
Abhijit Mitra Visiting Faculty B-305 542 abhijit at
Akshay Kumar Visiting Faculty B-308-2(A) 448 akshay at
Alexander Fell Assistant Professor -- 585 alex at
Alka Pande Visiting Faculty B-308-1(b) 426 alka at
Aman Parnami Assistant Professor A-405 (New Acad.) 521 aman at
Amarjeet Singh Assistant Professor -- -- amarjeet at
Amrit Srinivasan Visiting Faculty A-404 491 amrit at
Anand Srivastava Professor A-605 (New Acad.) 450 anand at
Angshul Majumdar Assistant Professor A-606 (New Acad.) 451 angshul at
Anoop Ratn Visiting Faculty B-308-2 (A) 426 anoopratn at
Anubha Gupta Associate Professor B-609 (New Acad.) 428 anubha at
Anupam Saronwala Visiting Faculty A-301 590 anupam at
Anuradha Sharma Associate Professor B-311 (New Acad.) 534 anuradha at
Arun Balaji Buduru Assistant Professor B-504 (New Acad.) 469 arunb at
Ashish Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor B-307 (New Acad.) 461 ashish.pandey at
Bijoy Chand Chatterjee Visiting Faculty B-301 522 bijoy at
Chetan Arora Associate Professor A-509 (New Acad.) 475 chetan at
Debajyoti Bera Assistant Professor B-508 (New Acad.) 442 dbera at
Debarka Sengupta Assistant Professor A-306 (New Acad.) 446 debarka at
Donghoon Chang Associate Professor B-502 (New Acad.) 465 donghoon at
Drishti Sharma Visiting Faculty A-403 589 dristhi at
Ganesh Bagler Assistant Professor A-305 (New Acad.) 443 bagler at
Gaurav Arora Assistant Professor B-206 (New Acad.) 547 gaurav at
G.P.S. Raghava Professor A-302 (New Acad.) 444 raghava at
G.S. Visweswaran Visiting Faculty A-303 595 viswes at
Hemant Kumar Visiting Faculty B-302 488 hemant at
Indrani De Parker Visiting Faculty A-402 (New Acad.) 527 indrani at
Kiriti Kanjilal Assistant Professor B-208 (New Acad.) 558 kanjilal at
Kaushik Kalyanaraman Assistant Professor B-302 (New Acad.) 537 kaushik at
M S Hashmi Associate Professor A-608 (New Acad.) 453 mshashmi at
Manohar Khushalani Visiting Faculty B-306 492 manohar at
Manohar Kumar Assistant Professor B-207 (New Acad.) 557 manohar.kumar at
Mayank Vatsa Associate Professor A-504 (New Acad.) 434 mayank at
Monika Arora Assistant Professor A-304 (New Acad.) 587 monika at
Mukulika Maity Assistant Professor B-509 (New Acad.) 471 mukulika at
Naveen Prakash Visiting Faculty B-308-2(B) 447 naveen at
Naqueeb Warsi Assistant Professor -- -- naqueeb at
Ojaswa Sharma Assistant Professor A-408 (New Acad.) 476 ojaswa at
P B Sujit Assistant Professor A-512 (New Acad.) 459 sujit at
Pankaj Jalote Distinguished Professor A-705, New Acad 499 jalote at
Pankaj Vajpayee Visiting Faculty B-308-3(a) 515 pvajpayee at
Piyus Kedia Assistant Professor B-510 (New Acad.) 528 piyus at
Ponnurangam K. Associate Professor B-505 (New Acad.) 468 pk at
Pravesh Biyani Assistant Professor A-604 (New Acad.) 449 praveshb at
Pushpendra Singh Associate Professor A-411 (New Acad.) 458 psingh at
Pydi Ganga Mamba Bahubalindruni Assistant Professor B-607 (New Acad.) 424 bpganga at
V. Raghava Mutharaju Assistant Professor B-511 (New Acad.) 455 raghava.mutharaju at
Rahul Purandare Assistant Professor A-503 (New Acad.) 473 purandare at
Raj Ayyar Visiting Faculty B-304 490 raj at
Rajiv Raman Assistant Professor B-507 (New Acad.) 573 rajiv at
Rajiv Ratn Shah Assistant Professor A-409 (New Acad.) 495 rajivratn at
Rakesh Chaturvedi Assistant Professor B-205 (New Acad.) 535 rakesh at
Richa Singh Associate Professor A-505 (New Acad.) 433 rsingh at
Saket Anand Assistant Professor A-510 (New Acad.) 425 anands at
Samaresh Chatterji Visiting Faculty B-303 487 samaresh at
Sambuddho Chakravarty Assistant Professor B-503 (New Acad.) 478 sambuddho at
Samrith Ram Assistant Professor B-305 (New Acad.) 472 samrith at
Sanat K Biswas Assistant Professor B-602 (New Acad.) 439 sanat at
Sanjit Kaul Assistant Professor A-511 (New Acad.) 457 skkaul at
Sankha S Basu Assistant Professor B-306 (New Acad.) 489 sankha at
Sarthok Sircar Assistant Professor B-303 (New Acad.) 435 sarthok at
Sayan Basu Roy Assistant Professor A-603 (New Acad.) 559 sayan at
Shachi Sharma Visiting Faculty B-301 538 shachi at
Shilpak Banerjee Assistant Professor B-312 (New Acad.) 464 shilpak at
Shobha Sundar Ram Assistant Professor B-606 (New Acad.) 460 shobha at
Shriram Venkatraman Assistant Professor B-203 (New Acad.) 536 shriramv at
Sneh Saurabh Assistant Professor B-608 (New Acad.) 456 sneh at
Sneha Chaubey Assistant Professor B-308 (New Acad.) 462 sneha at
Sriram K. Assistant Professor A-308 (New Acad.) 436 sriramk at
Subhadip Raychaudhuri Associate Professor A-303 (New Acad.) 438 subhadip at
Sujay Deb Assistant Professor A-607 (New Acad.) 452 sdeb at
Sumit J Darak Assistant Professor B-605 (New Acad.) 427 sumit at
Sumit Mediratta Visiting Faculty B-308-3(b) 543 sumit.mediratta at
Swapna Purandare Visiting Faculty A-302 549 swapna at
Syamantak Das Assistant Professor B-512 (New Acad.) 529 syamantak at
Tanmoy Chakraborty Assistant Professor A-507 (New Acad.) 466 tanmoy at
Tavpritesh Sethi Assistant Professor -- -- tavpriteshsethi at
Timothy Scott Moyers Jr Assistant Professor A-406 (New Acad.) 467 timothy at
Venkata Ratnadeep Suri Assistant Professor B-204 (New Acad.) 445 ratan.suri at
Vibhor Kumar Assistant Professor A-304 (New Acad.) 440 vibhor at
Vikram Goyal Associate Professor A-508 (New Acad.) 474 vikram at
Vinayak S. Naik Associate Professor -- -- naik at
Vivek Ashok Bohara Associate Professor A-609 (New Acad.) 454 vivek.b at
Vivek Kumar Assistant Professor B-506 (New Acad.) 441 vivekk at
Teaching Fellows
Name Department Room No. Extension No.
Angelina Chamuah SSH B-219 (New Acad) 415 angelina at
Nupur Ahluwalia CSE B-307 524 nupur at
Piyush Varshney ECE B-311 413 piyush at
Prashant Ranjan ECE B-307 524 prashant at
Pulkit Sharma ECE B-311 413 pulkit at
Saif Ali SSH B-219 (New Acad) 415 saif at
Sarita Mathematics B-307 524 sarita at
Shashvat Sanathya CSE B-307 524 shashvat at
Shreepriya Dogra CSE B-307 524 shree at
Suhasini Dharmarha SSH B-219 (New Acad) 415 suhasini at
V. Divya Sharma CSE B-307 524 divya at