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Summer Internships Offered @ IIIT-Delhi 2024

Each year our faculty members invest their time, effort & innovation in some great real-time projects.The projects are listed below. A student can apply for a max of 03 projects. Registration will start from 1st March 2024. The last date to apply is 31st March 2024. The results will be up on the website by 15th April 2024 & the internship will commence from 6th May 2024.

Process to apply for internship

  1. The details of the project openings are listed below.
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  3. Login with your google account
  4. Fill the registration form. If you want hostel select the checkbox accordingly.
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  6. To apply for any project just click the apply button
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Students who get selected for the summer internship at IIIT-Delhi will be receiving a stipend of 5k per month

Summer Internship Projects 2024 at IIIT-Delhi

S.No. Faculty Name Project Name Project Detail Duration Status
1 Anmol Srivastava UX/UI for an IOT enabled Smart Controller Design of a Mobile App Design of a mobile app for an IoT enabled Smart Controller Unit for water management. It is an IoT-enabled product with intelligent sensing capabilities. We are looking for expertise in UI/UX Design. Skills Required: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, UX Research, Motion Design (optional) 2 Months Physical
2 Anmol Srivastava AR for Sanskrit Learning The project aims to develop an augmented reality (AR) application for learning the Sanskrit language. By integrating AR technology, the application will provide immersive and interactive experiences, allowing users to visualize and interact with Sanskrit words, phrases, and grammar in a real-world context. This innovative approach aims to enhance the learning process, making it more engaging and effective for users of all ages.
1) We are looking for candidates with Strong programming and App development skills (Unity, C#) and experience with AR/VR. The candidate should be able to convert Figma prototype into working application
2) A candidate with strong UI/UX Skills and Research Skills. Proficient in Figma, Visual Communication, UX Research. The role will also include conducting literature survey and translating research insights into Figma prototype.
3 Months Physical
3 Sonal Keshwani Developing a repository for Bio-inspired patents Bioinspired design related application. This project requires students from Science background. Have knowledge of biological domain will be an added advantage. 3 Months Physical
4 Praveen Priyadarshi Governance of Artificial Intelligence in India A study of the social and policy implications of AI in the Indian context and the rules that underpin the governance of these systems. 2 Months Physical
5 Praveen Priyadarshi Making of urban public spaces The research explores the relationship between urban public spaces and citizenship practices and democratic dispositions. 2 Months Physical
6 Rajiv Ratn Shah LLM based Applications We will be working on several projects related to LLMs. 2 Months Physical
7 Ratan Suri Cognitive architecture for mental health of mental health care workers This is a cognitive and psychology based project. 3 Months Physical
8 Shamik Sarkar Machine Learning for Wireless Networks The intern will investigate applications of deep learning in research related to wireless networks. The intern must have experience with Keras/Tensorflow. 3 Months Physical
9 Vinayak Abrol Generative Speech AI Open problems in generative AI for Speech/Audio applications such as ASR, TTS, S2S, SpeakerID etc. Experience with deep learning libraries is a must. Prior experience processing speech/audio signals is preferable but not mandatory. 2-3 Months Physical
10 Vinish Kathuria Generative AI driven game for parents and grandparents Design and create an exciting yet simple to use game for parents and grandparents leveraging multiple capabilities of Generative AI - language, vision, music 2-3 Months Physical
11 Vinish Kathuria Generative AI - Game for Classroom Teaching Design & create an exciting game for teaching students. Research, design and leverage multiple capabilities of Generative AI - language, images, music etc 2-3 Months Physical
12 Vivek Ashok Bohara LiFi testbed The student is expected to work on our in-house developed Li-Fi testbed 3 Months Physical
13 Vivek Ashok Bohara Technologies for 5G and 6G wireless standards The student is expected to work on technologies for next generation of wireless communication such as intelligent meta-surfaces, next generation multiple access etc. 3 Months Virtual

Last updated: 01-04-2024