Summer Internships Offered @ IIITD

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The summer internship program 2020. Each year our faculty members invest their time, effort & innovation in some great real-time projects.The projects are listed below.
A student can apply for a max of 03 projects. The last date to apply is 31st March 2020. The results will be up on the website by 15th April & the internship will commence from 6th May 2020.

Process to apply for internship

  1. The details of the project openings are listed below.
  2. Click on Apply Here (From 1st March 2020)
  3. Login with your google account
  4. Fill the registration form. If you want hostel select the checkbox accordingly.
  5. For hostel booking details please click here
  6. To apply for any project just click the apply button
  7. Done
  8. Students who get selected for the summer internship at IIIT-Delhi will be receiving a stipend of 5k per month

Summer Internship Projects 2020-2021 at IIIT-D

Faculty Name Project Name Project Detail Duration Status
Rajiv Ratn Shah Multimedia Computing and AI for Social Good Multimedia Computing and AI for Social Good 2 Months Project is now virtual
Sujay Deb Physically unclonable functions (PUF) We will be exploring PUFs and their use in hardware security 2 Months Project closed
Manohar Kumar Ethics in AI, Ethics of Big Data, Justification of Civil Disobedience The intern will work in the domain of Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy 2 Months Pending
Vivek Kumar Developing parallel algorithm and runtimes This project would require high proficiency in C/C++ language, and concepts of Operating Systems and Computer Architecture 2 Months Project is now virtual
Gourab Ghatak Reinforcement Learning We will investigate some theoretical aspects of RL and their applications to wireless communication 2 Months Project is now virtual
Vibhor Kumar Network based analysis of big data We would use data sciences approach for inferring and studying networks 2 Months Pending
Piyus Kedia Memory safety in C The goal of this project is to add memory safety to C language. The interns are expected to work with the LLVM compiler based tool to evaluate the impact of memory safety approaches on SPEC benchmarks 2 Months Project is now virtual
Saket Anand IIITD-ALIVE (Autonomous Last mIle VEhicle) Autonomous driving project, which will require interns to work on hardware (Car and e-Rickshaw), Sensing and Perception (Camera & LIDAR based processing algorithms) and Planning (robotics path planning algorithms) 2 Months Pending
Mukesh Mohania e-Nav: A user preference-aware and event-conscious navigation system for augmenting road trip planning In this project, we propose e-Nav, which is a user preference-aware and event-conscious navigation system for augmenting road trip planning in order to enrich user experience during the course of his/her journey. 3-6 Months Project is now virtual
Vivek Bohara and Anand Srivastava Multi-hop UAV/ Drones communication, 5G, Visible Light Communication The students will be working on 5G and VLC testbed in the institute. Further they will also be required to do literature review on Multi-hop UAV communication 2-3 Months Project is now virtual
Gaurav Arora Statistical characterisation of spatio-temporal climate variability across India since 1901 The intern will be expected to compile station-level data from IMD since 1901; fit and estimate parametric empirical distributions on those data 3 Months Project is now virtual
Jainendra Shukla Attention evaluation using eye-tracking and machine learning The aim of the project is to evaluate the attention among children with ADHD using eye-tracking data and machine/deep learning techniques 2 Months Project is now virtual
Jainendra Shukla Picture-Based App for Verbal Communication: PARROT The aim of the project is to develop a mobile/tablet app to facilitate verbal communication for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The app will be based on a picture exchange communication system (PECS) and will work as a communication aid for children with ASD and for their parents and/or caregivers. Requires expertise in Android development 2 Months Project is now virtual
Swapna Purandare Developing tools and technologies for a sustainable planet We are developing novel technological approaches based on UAVs, harmonic radar, network analysis and modeling, computer vision, and machine learning to improve the ecological data collection, processing, and analysis 2 Months Project is now virtual
Kaushik Kalyanaraman HPC Implementation of Finite Element Exterior Calculus The proposed internship project will involve building on and extending an existing library for Discretizations of Exterior Calculus developed at IIIT-Delhi: The objectives will be two fold. First, extension of the DECAGT library for accelerator (GPU) use. Second, implementation in DECAGT of higher-order finite elements in finite element exterior calculus as in 3 Months Project is now virtual
Koteswar Rao Jerripothula Weakly Supervised Learning The idea is to provide weaker annotations while building our models than what we expect during their inference. For example, we may be having bounding box labels for the training images, but we expect to perform segmentation of the test images. In this case bounding box is a weaker annotation than segmentation 2 Months Project is now virtual
Monika Arora On analyzing and predicting the count data with dispersion The project will involve studying and comparing various statistical models. A comparison study will be done on a real life data set. The existing statistical models will be compared to machine learning algorithms 2 Months Project is now virtual
Rahul Purandare Extracting program representations for machine learning With the success of deep learning in computer vision, natural language tasks, researchers have been started to apply deep learning techniques for software engineering tasks as well. People have applied deep learning techniques to predict invariants, localize buggy lines in source code, etc. All these techniques use some intermediate program representation to extract meaningful and interesting program properties that can be fed to the deep learning model. In this project, we intend to leverage static analysis with machine learning to improve program representations; so that we can have deep richer information for deep learning models to learn from. We expect students to have relevant skills and a strong interest in at least one of the two areas i.e. program analysis or machine learning 1-1.5 Months Project closed
Koteswar Rao Jerripothula Domain Adaptation in Computer Vision Domain adaptation is a sub-discipline of machine learning which deals with scenarios in which a model trained on a source distribution is used in the context of a different (but related) target distribution. The aim of this project in to develop a novel algorithm for domain adaptation for a challenging unexplored domain of images 2 Months Project is now virtual
V. Raghava Mutharaju Semi automatic implementation of Ontology Design Patterns How far can we go in implementing ontology design patterns (ODPs) in an ontology (semi) automatically? This question will be explored during this internship 2-3 Months Project is now virtual
Aman Parnami Weaving Interactivity into Everyday Objects and Experiences Like every year, this year too we will be exploring several projects which require expertise in diverse areas. We need experts in Unity programming for AR/VR projects, Electronic prototyping for multiple projects, Industrial design for multiple projects, Supervised Machine learning for sensory input, Mechanical engineering with interest in working with E-rickshaw. Only apply if you have significant experience that you can show with portfolio or online examples, and if you are willing to work for minimum of 3 months 2 Months Project closed
Tavpritesh Sethi Artificial Intelligence Applications in Clinical and Public Health The project is focused on research and development aspects of delivering AI to critical care and public health settings. We work with India's largest and only ICU-Big Data resource (SAFE-ICU) where we bring AI to the bedside. We also address Social Determinants of global threats such as TB and antimicrobial resistance in the community by combining genomics, clinical measurements, text data and images 2 Months Project is now virtual
Mukulika Maity Connecting the disconnected IoT nodes in challenged network scenarios We address the problem of connecting the IoT nodes to the Internet in the challenged networks (such as in forests without infrastructure or at densely populated railway stations) that are characterized by minimal or intermittent network accessibility. 3 Months Project is now virtual
Mukulika Maity Playing mix and match with clients to achieve the optimal performance for next generation WLAN We aim to look at strategies to select clients towards optimum performance while using TCP, UDP, QUIC and running different applications such as HTTP, FTP, streaming, VoIP 3 Months Pending
Praveen Priyadarshi Civic Engagement in Urban India [Civic Data Lab] Developing methodological tools for collecting data on social media use by urban residents for civic engagement 3 Months Project is now virtual
Debika Banerjee Sums related to the Harmonic series The project will focus on some problems related to sums associated to Harmonic series
Problems of these type were studied by Ramanujan. The main reference is Ramanujan's lost Notebook
2 Months Pending
Sambuddho Chakravarty Internet Shutdowns Study of Internet Shutdowns and Censorship 3 Months Pending
Aasim Khan Civic Data Lab A study comparing and combining data from diverse sources about internet access and politics in India with a focus on Delhi 3 Months Project is now virtual
Shobha Sundar Ram Automotive radar for advance driver assistance systems The project will require measurement data collection using real automotive radar sensors as well as simulation of radar signatures in MATLAB. Further, classification algorithms will be explored for automatic target recognition. 3 Months Project is now virtual
Vikram Goyal Spatio-temporal Data Analytics Ananlysis of Delhi bus fleet data and a dashboard implementation 3 Months Project is now virtual
Vikram Goyal Personalized Route Recommendation Design and implmentation of algorithms on spatial networks 3 Months Project is now virtual
Anuj Grover TRIZ curriculum in Russian Universities TRIZ is acronym of a Russian phrase that means "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving". We are adapting TRIZ curriculum for engineering students and wish to adapt examples from Russian schools and colleges for engineering education in India 2-3 Months Project is now virtual
Debajyoti Bera Publication Management Tool The publication management tool is for storing and retrieving the Institute's publications and its related information 2 Months Pending
Swapna Purandare Eological Interactions The project involves biology experiments and observational data collection involving plant-insect and predator-prey interactions. 2 Months Project is now virtual
Swapna Purandare Plant-pollinator Interactions This project involves specimen preparation and microscope photography for the digitization of insect specimen and pollen grains. 2 Months Project is now virtual
Ganesh Bagler RecipeDB - An andoid App Developing an adroid app for recipes and their nutriional data 2 Months Project is now virtual
Ganesh Bagler Computational Gastronomy - Data Analytics Application of data analytics, machine learning and AI for investigating culinary data 2 Months Project is now virtual
PK Social Media Analysis / Social Computing To use social media data to study distracted driving behavior of users. 2-3 Months Pending
Pravesh Biyani AI and ML for Urban Transportation Algorithms for multimodal transportation optimisation in Indian cities 3 Months Pending