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Sports and Recreation

The institute is equipped with a number of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Institute new sports complex is equipped with badminton court, Table Tennis tables, Pool tables Squash courts, Swimming pool, while Chess boards and Carom boards are available in the hostel common rooms. The institute also has a multi-purpose sports field, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a volleyball field with lighting facilities at the courts. Institute has also provided coach facility for students; institute self-growth activities include active participation from the students under various sports activities.

The institute’s gym offers facilities like treadmills, cross-trainer, recumbent bike, abdominal machine and dumbbells. Gym trainers are also available during morning and evening sessions. Institute sports council and coordinators can be approached at Link.
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The detail of current sports coordinators are
SPORTS COUNCIL ( 2023-2024 )
S.No.NameRoll NumberSportsPostEmail ID
1Donthireddy Manoj Reddy2020375Overall General
2Sanyam Goyal2020116Overall
3Harshit Garg2020301Overall
4Ananya Gupta2021012Overall Girl
5Varun bharti2022562Overall
6Upal Majumdar2021214Overall
7Chirag Kumar
9Suraj Kumar
12Chaitanya Dua2021247Lawn
13Arsh Gupta2020285Nexus Knights (E-Sports)
14Vidhan2022568Nexus Knights (E-Sports)
15Yash Sinha2022590Nexus Knights (E-Sports)
16Shivam Jindal2020125Pool/
17Saad Khan2021068Pool/
20Lobsang Norbu
24Anikait Agrawal2022072Table
26Mansi Goel (PhD)

Coordinators for AY 2022-23
S. No. Name Category Email Id
1 Ananya kansal (2019458) Secretary
2 Raghav Bhalla (2019379) Secretary
3 Ayush Prusty (2020427) Treasurer
4 Manoj Reddy Donthireddy (2020375) Operations Head
5 Divyansh Mishra PR/Publicity
6 Yashika Singh PR/Publicity
7 Srishti Jain PR/Publicity
8 Harshit Garg PR/Publicity
9 Krishna Ayyagari PR/Publicity
10 Abhishek Goyal PR/Publicity
11 Abhishek Goyal Content
12 Krishna Ayyagari Content
13 Srimant Mohanty Content
14 Harsh kamboj Content
15 Aarav balachandran Creatives
16 Devi Sri Charan Creatives
17 Rahul Oberoi Creatives
18 Saksham Mehla Football
19 Abhay Singh Yadav Football
20 Sunishka Sharma Football
21 Samarth Raina Cricket
22 Nalin Arora Cricket
23 Sejal Kardam Cricket
24 Atharva Mehta Badminton
25 Aarav balachandran Badminton
26 Richa Muktibodh Badminton
27 Tushar Reddy Vemula Volleyball
28 Manoj Reddy Donthireddy Volleyball
29 Kanupriya Volleyball
30 Hrishav Basketball
31 Aaditya Gupta Basketball
32 Nikita Kapoor Basketball
33 Mudit Aggarwal LawnTennis
34 Mrishika Nair LawnTennis
35 Samiksha Modi LawnTennis
36 Harsh Kamboj Table Tennis
37 Rishit Gupta Table Tennis
38 Aanya Trehan Table Tennis
39 Yatharth Daksh Gym
40 Apoorva Agrawal Gym
41 Madhu Sharma Gym
42 Aishwary Sharma Swimming
43 Prakhar Rai Swimming
44 Khwaish Rupani Swimming
45 Abhigyan Ganguly Squash
46 Niranjan Sundarajan Squash
47 Aman Khan Yoga
48 Samiksha Garg Yoga
49 Tathagat Pal Chess
50 Amolika Bansal Chess
51 MD Zaid Pool
52 Vasu Kashyap Pool
53 Mohit Bansal E-Sports
54 Shobhit Kumar E-Sports

Coordinators for AY 2018-19
S. No. Name Role Email
1 Arnav Tandon Coordinator, Mob: 08368176725
2Rishabh Devgon Co-Coordinator, Mob: 08130855222
3Krishna Yadav Aquatics / M.Tech. Rep
4Satvika Ethakota Athletics
5Shashikant Kumar Athletics
6Parul Yadav Badminton
7Yashdeep Prasad Badminton
8Ayush Misra Basketball
9Sejal Singh Basketball
10Shourya Pathak Basketball
11Hari P Nambiar Chess
12Shounak Ghatak Chess
13Aman Priyadarshi Creatives
14Arunesh Singh Creatives
15Aarish Chhabra Cricket
16Raghav Bhalla Cricket
17Abhinav Rawat Football
18Akshit Pal Football
19Juhi Pandey Football
20 Ishaan Dayal Handball
21Vipin Samaria Pool
22Anuj Sharma Powerlifting/ M.Tech. Rep
23Karishma Sinha PR/ Publicity
24Riya Singh PR/ Publicity
25Ananya Kansal Table Tennis
26Kartikay Sapra Table Tennis
27Mihir Chaturvedi Taekwondo
28Saurav Ranjan Taekwondo
29Kartikey Singh Tennis
30Dhruv Umesh Volleyball
31Aman Khan Yoga
32Manish Verma Yoga

Last updated: 29-12-2023