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M.Tech. Programs

MTech Students

IIIT-Delhi subscribes to the view that a Master degree is primarily industry-focused, though it can be used as a stepping stone for research as well. The decision whether the degree is to be pursued for skill and knowledge up-gradation or also for building research skills should rest with the student.

The Institute feels that to address the needs of the industry, which today requires more specialized manpower as each field is getting more complex, it is desirable to provide specializations within CSE and ECE in the M.Tech. program. For this, the Institute permits a student to do an "M.Tech." or "M.Tech. with specialization". M.Tech. in Computational Biology is an interdisciplinary program that blends Computer Science, Mathematics and Biomedical Sciences with a strong focus on research and emerging area of computation in biology.

MTech Students

The M.Tech. program is credit-based, i.e., the students have to take courses worth certain credit. Further details of each of the M.Tech. programs are described in the pages of the respective programs.

The M.Tech. programs start with some refresher courses being done to improve the preparation of the incoming students for the main M.Tech. program. (Examples of the refresher courses given here. )

Program Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes for M.Tech. Programs are:
M.Tech. (CSE) || M.Tech. (CSE-Research) || M.Tech. (ECE) || M.Tech. (CB)


M.Tech. Programs

M.Tech. (CSE) M.Tech. (CSE-Research) M.Tech. (ECE) M.Tech. (CB)
Specific Regulations for M.Tech. (CSE)
Specific Regulations for M.Tech. (CSE - AI)
Specific Regulations for M.Tech. (CSE-Research) Specific Regulations for M.Tech. (ECE) Specific Regulations for M.Tech. (CB)
Regulations for PG ( M.Tech. & Ph.D. ) Program & Other Guidelines and Forms

Fees and Assistantship (For Admission Year 2024-25)

  • The fee for the entire M.Tech. (CSE & ECE) program is Rs 6.00 Lacs, M.Tech. (CSE-Research) program is Rs 3.06 Lacs and M.Tech. (CB) program is Rs 3.70 Lacs.
  • Eligible students will get assistantship (Institute facilitates in this). For more details click here.

Last updated: 08-03-2024