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Financial Year 2023-2024

Sl No Project Title Sanction Order No/ MoU/ Award Letters Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Start Date End Date Duration Link of S.O/MoU/Letter
1 IIIT D_NVF contract Grant No: NVF-DSSI-Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi-020937-2023-05-05 Dr. Tarini Shankar Ghosh: NEW VENTURE FUND 16300000 15-02-2023 30.09.2025 2.5 Years Agreement
2 NavISense: Design and Prototype of NavIC Signal Processing Accelerator on Heterogeneous System-on-Chip for Remote Sensing” under Chips to Startup Programme EE-9/2/2021-R&D-E Dr. Sumit Darak MEITY 86,00,000 18.05.2023 17.05.2028 5 Years Sanction
3 RNA velocity independent direction resolved trajectory inference from scRNA-seq data CRG/2022/007706 Dr. Debarka Sen Gupta SERB 5238640 03.07.2023 02.07.2026 3 Years Sanction
4 Carbon footprint optimizer for data and computational science workflow Shell India Market Pvt Ltd Dr. Vivek Kumar Shell India Market Pvt Ltd 4303200 30.06.2023 29.06.2025 2 Years Agreement
5 Quantum Key Distrubtion based Ultra- Secure and Reliable optical Networks using shared fiber toplogy N:R-23011/13/2022-CC&BT Dr. Anand Srivastava MEITY 18747000 01.07.2023 31.03.2024 9 months Sanction
6 Digital Management of the reproductive Body in India: Exploring Gendered Consequenece of Self tracking via Fetmtech mobile Phone app 02/204/2022-23/ICSSR/RP/MN/GEN Dr. Paro Mishra ICSSR 500000 21.03.2023 20.03.2024 12 months Sanction
7 Purse 2023 Program SR/PURSE/2023/172 Dr. Sanjit Kaul DST 65100000 03.08.2023 02.08.2027 4 Years Sanction
8 Improve Texture and Shape Bias in OCR CAI Funded Projects Prof. Rajiv Ratn Shah IIIT- CAI 300000 15.08.2023 15.01.2024 5 months Mou
9 Efficient Deep Learning for Green and Sustainable AI CAI Funded Projects Dr. A V Subramanyam IIIT- CAI 300000 10.08.2023 09.02.2024 6 months Mou
10 AI for Space Situational Awareness CAI Funded Projects Dr. Sanat K Biswas IIIT- CAI 800000 10.08.2023 09.08.2024 1 Years Mou
11 App for medical screening in general public CAI Funded Projects Prof. Angshul Majumdar Infosys center for Artificial Intelligence 150000 16.05.2023 15.11.2023 6 months Mou
12 Community AI platform for cancer research CAI Funded Projects Dr.Anubha Gupta IIIT- CAI 1000000 10.08.2023 09.08.2024 1 years Mou
13 Autonomous Urban Mobility CAI Funded Projects Dr. Saket Anand IIIT- CAI 10000000 10.08.2023 09.08.2024 1 years Mou
14 Radar enhanced rapid beam alignment for milimeter wave vehicular communications MoU with IIT Hyderabad-TIHAN Dr. Shobha Sundar Ram TiHan _IITH 1997760 03.09.2023 02.03.2025 18 Month Mou
15 Licencing of Spaces for digital Advertisement MOU with DMRC Dr. Pravesh Biyani         3 Months  
16 (AOC)Advanced Optical Communication (C-DOT) MoU with IIT Madras(30-131/2023-TTDFGrants) Dr. Abhijit Mitra DOT(Dept. of telecommunication 8656800 27.06.2023 26.12.2025 2.5 years Sanction
17 A Real Time rendering system for interactive placement of lights Mou with TCS Dr. Ojaswa Sharma TCS 246000 01.06.2023 30.09.2023 4 months Mou
18 Development of an innovative low-cost deployable AI-based diagnostic tool (BCanDL tool) for hematopoietic cancers and creation of blood cancer cell atlas (BCanCell Atlas 05/13/32/RG/ICRC/2022/NCD-III Prof. Anubha Gupta ICMR 3856432 16.10.2023 15.10.2024 1 Year Sanction
19 DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY - CONSORTIUM ON CELIAC DISEASE BT/PR45830/MED/12/963/2022 Dr. Arjun Ray DBT 5741600 04.09.2023 03.09.2028 5 Years Sanction
20 Scalable Federated Learning CAI Funded Projects Dr. Bapi Chatterjee IIIT- CAI 1000000 27.09.2023 26.03.2026 3 Years Mou
21 Emotional Modulation of Visual Distractor-Filtering Brain Structure and Behavioral correlates of Anxiety CRG/2022/008119 Dr. Mrinmoy Chakrabarty SERB 2364690 19.09.2023 18.09.2026 3 Years Sanction
22 Federated Automated Deep Learning IFC/4140/DST-Inria 8th call/2021-22/3 Dr. Bapi Chatterjee DST 2161303 12.06.2023 11.06.2026 3 Years Sanction
23 Coding for Multiparty Interactive Communication SRG/2023/001918 Dr. Manuj Mukherjee SERB 1432810 09.10.2023 08.10.2025 2 years Sanction
24 SAFE-ICU An open big data and Reproducible AI Resource for early prediction of intensive care outcomes AI-Adhoc/18/2022-AI Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi ICMR 3462799 01.11.2023 31.10.2023 1 Year Sanction
25 Research project for avifona conservation Agreement Dr. Pankaj jalote IIIT-Delhi(Pankaj jalote) 1000000 21.10.2023 20.10.2026 3 Years Agreement
26 National Network Project of Dr. B. R Ambedkar centre for Biometric Research BT/PR40195/BTIS/137/58/2023 Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi DBT 7041400 14.09.2023 13.09.2028 5 Years Sanction
27 Classification of Symatric Norms on B(H) 02011/47/2023 Dr. Satish Kumar Pandey ICMR 1663400 18.10.2023 17.10.2026 3 Years Sanction
28 Alleviating the Shortage of GPU's using smart usage of CPUs for machine learning training SRG/2023/002277 Dr. Dhruv Kumar SERB 2235818 10.10.2023 09.10.2025 2 Years Sanction
29 Vaibhav Global Limited MoU Dr. Debarka Sen Gupta VGL   21.08.2023 20.08.2024 1 Year MoU
30 A nationwide assessment of water conservation structures’ impacts on community resilience using geospatial data analysis-Evaluating the impact of artificial lakes, ponds and tanks on local livelihoods across India – reg. MoU Dr. Gaurav Arora Dept. of Rural Development 5530896 20.11.2023 19.05.2025 18 Month MoU
31 AI based virtual screning and De Nova compounds design toolbox for acceleration drug discovery projects SUR/2022/005296 Dr. Arul Murugan and Dr. Arjun Ray SERB 2346690 10.11.2023 09.11.2026 3 Years Sanction
32 Deciphering the mechano-chemical insights into ATP binding induced conformation changes in ABCAI contributing towards cholesterol efflux in the Reverse Cholesterol Pathway SUR/2022/005466 Dr. Arjun Ray Dr. Arul Murugan SERB   13.12.2023 12.12.2026 3 Years Sanction
33 Control Co-Design of Distributed parameter System SRG/2023/001636 Dr. Prasad Vilas Chanekar SERB 1619590 03.12.2023 02.12.2025 2 Years Sanction
34 Transformation formulas associated to a divisor function of Wigert and a problem related to overpartition   Dr. Debika Banerjee SERB         
35 Efficient Enumeration of the feasible solution to Combinatorial Optimization problems SRG/2023/001592-G Dr. Diptapriyo Majumdar SERB 1520816 17.11.2023 16.11.2025 2 Years Sanction
36 Effects of Emotions and Anxiety on Visual Perceptual Decision Making DST/2021/201 Dr. Mrinmoy Chakrabarty DST 6035118 13.03.2024 12.03.2027 3 Years Sanction

Financial Year 2021-2022


Title of the Project

Name of the PI

Funding Agencies

Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)

1 M.Tech. in CB Dr. Ganesh Bagler DBT 26920000.00
2 Challenges and Trends in SoC Design and Verification - A case study Dr. Sujay Deb DRDO 2499806.00
3 Intelligent Joint Radar - Communication Transreceiver Design and Prototype Dr. Shobha Sunderram Meity 9000000.00
4 A data centric approach to study fundamental limits of communication in Adversirial wireless networks Dr. Ranjitha Prasad Meity 2375000.00


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