Financial Year 2015-16
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 Mobile-based Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea Dr. Vinayak Naik DST-SERB 51,01,000.00 Ongoing
2 Google Award for School Prof. Pankaj Jalote Google 9,50,000.00 Ongoing
3 Using Online Social Media for Intelligence Gathering Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru MHA (IB) 6,36,000.00 Ongoing
4 Technical Consultancy to Central Board of Excise & Customs Dr. Vinayak Naik CBEC 10,00,000.00 Ongoing
5 CRM-DMS for Indian Oil Corporation Prof. Pankaj Jalote IOC 2,50,000.00 Ongoing
6 Green Communication Technology for Multi Standard and Multi-band transceaivers Dr. Vivek Bohra UGC 12,39,500.00 Ongoing
7 DST Inspire Dr. Sumit Darak DST 35,00,000.00 Ongoing
8 Preventing & Treating HIV Comorbidities in India: Multi-Tiered Strategy For Women Dr. Mona Duggal / Dr. Puspendra Singh Yale University 11,47,203.00 Ongoing
9 Formulation of Modelling Strategy Of SSPL GAN-HEMT based on Non -Linear mesurement data Dr. Mohammad S Hashmi CARS: DRDO 9,60,000.00 Ongoing
10 Joint Research between EMC & IIITD Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru EMC Data Storage System India Pvt. Ltd 9,60,000.00 Ongoing
11 Mechanism, Impact and Scenario Analysis Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru CARS: DRDO 9,00,000.00 Ongoing
12 ISEA Project Phase-II Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru CDAC 36,06,000.00 Ongoing
13 Integrating open sources intelligence from traditional sources and online social networks for Intelligence gathering Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru DeitY 1,68,70,000.00 Ongoing
14 SRP-Irisys Company Ltd Dr. Donghoon Chang Irisys Company Ltd 5,74,366.00 Ongoing
15 IBM India Dr. Mayank Vatsa IBM 90,000.00 Ongoing
Total       3,77,84,069.00  
Financial Year 2014-15
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 Consultancy for Lab Equipments and Audio Video, Public Announcement Systems and setting up of Library sustems and Computing Equipments for IIIT-Raipur Abir Bhattacharya NTPC Ltd 9,00,000.00 Closed
2 Route Planning for Low Flying Aircraft Through the Terrain." Dr. P.B. Sujit DRDO 9,96,000.00 ongoing
3 Research on Multimodal Context Switching Using Multispectral Face, Periocular and Iris Recognation at a Distance Dr. Mayank Vatsa DeitY 1,20,55,000.00 ongoing
4 Small Cell WiFi Networks For The Enterprise Dr. Sanjit Kaul DeitY 88,34,000.00 ongoing
5 Design Innovation Centre Prof. Pankaj Jalote MHRD-IITD 1,30,00,000.00 ongoing
6 DST-INRIA programme" Proposal Personalized Mobility Service for Urban Travellers" Dr. Pushendra Singh DST-INRIA 5,14,722.00 ongoing
7 AUV object Detection and identification using Sonar Dr. P.B. Sujit DRDO -NRB 12,90,000.00 ongoing
8 Design and Development of Leukoanalyzer , an Automated Computer Assisted Tool for Minimal Residual Disease Estimation (MRD) in B-lineage Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia(ALL) using Image Processing Techniques. Dr. Anubha Gupta DeitY 28,31,000.00 ongoing
9 Design and development of Digital Multimedia Forgery Detection system Dr. A.V. Subramanyam DeitY 49,80,000.00 ongoing
10 A low cost and easy to use cuff-less blood pressure measuring device using pulse transit time and preejection period Dr. Sujay Deb INDO-US S&T (DST) 40,94,000.00 ongoing
11 Creating Course Content for Privacy and Security in Online Social Media Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru Intel Corporation 12,19,495.00 ongoing
Financial Year 2013-14
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 EMC: Development of distributed algorithms for incremental Sensing Communication Dr. Amarjeet Singh EMC Data Storage System India Pvt. Ltd 9,60,000.00 ongoing
2 Human Sense: Towards contex aware sensing,inference and actuation for applications in Energy and Healthcare Dr. Pushpendra Singh Media Lab Asia 1,84,41,000.00 ongoing
3 StanFord University Dr. Pushpendra Singh Stanford University 7,91,960.00 ongoing
4 Smartphone-Based Anolalous Human Activity Detection & Prediction Dr. Sanjit Kaul DST-SERB 19,84,800.00 ongoing
5 Construction of Secure and Efficient Sigma-LFSR Dr. Somitra Kr.Sanadhya DRDO-CAIR 9,78,000.00 ongoing
6 DST/INSPIRE Faculty Award/2013 Dr. Shobha Sundar Ram DST 35,00,000.00 ongoing
7 MPG Partnergroup funds. Dr. Srikanta Bedathur Jagannath MPG-DST 16,88,200.00 Closed
8 Dynamical Analysis on the Functional relationship between circadian rlythms & memory formation to understand post-traumatic memories in human Dr. Sriram K DST 15,89,000.00 ongoing
9 Robert Bosch Engineering and business Solutions Limited Dr. Amarjeet Singh Robert Bosch Engineering and business Solutions Limited 6,00,000.00 Closed
10 Consultancy for Design and development of Stream Ciphers for the use in Cryptographic products Dr. Somitra Kr. Sanadhya DRDO 9,30,000.00 Closed
11 Smart Electrical Energy Disaggregation using machine learning Approaches. Dr. Amarjeet Singh TCIL 2,50,000.00 ongoing
12 Programmable System for Monitoring of Electrical Parameters and Intelligent Control of Electrical Appliances Dr. Amarjeet Singh TCIL 2,50,000.00 ongoing
13 Programmable System for Monitoring of Electrical Parameters and Intelligent Control of Electrical Appliances Dr. Amarjeet Singh TCIL 2,00,000.00 closed
14 Adobe Award Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru Adobe 5,00,000.00 ongoing
15 "VOX-Fp&POL-Violent Online Political Extremism ""Networking of Researchers for a High Level Multi-Organisational & Cross-Border Collaboration - Network of Excellence""" Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru UK 3,63,258.00 ongoing
Financial Year 2012-13
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 DST/INSPIRE Faculty Award/2012 Dr. Angshul Majumder DST 35,00,000.00 ongoing
2 Pervasive Sensing and Computing Technologies for Energy and Water Sustainability in Buildings. Dr. Amarjeet Singh DeitY-NSF 1,24,20,000.00 Closed
3 How Should I Fix Bug?-Investing Text Analytics and Social network Analysis Based Approaches to Support a Practitioner in Bug Fixing Dr. Ashish Sureka DST-Fast Track 3,42,000.00 Closed
4 Design & Development of System for Detecting Digitized Document Frauds Dr. Gaurav Gupta DeitY 81,12,000.00 ongoing
5 Analyzing & Measuring Trustworthiness of User-Generated Content & Users on Multiple Online Social Media to Counter Cybercrime Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru DeitY 75,00,000.00 Closed
6 DST/INSPIRE Faculty Award/2012 Dr. Pravesh Biyani DST 35,00,000.00 ongoing
7 Design & Development of a Mobile Device Centric environment Healthcare Delivery Dr. Pushpendra Singh DeitY 46,80,000.00 ongoing
8 Development and Evaluation of Mobile Learning Techniques for Indian Masses Dr. Pushpendra Singh DST: Fast Track 5,11,000.00 Closed
9 Recognizing Surgically Altered Face Images for Security Application Dr. Richa Singh DST: Fast Track 13,69,000.00 ongoing
10 CAIR: Working out Indistinguishability Metrics for short Sequence Generation System Dr. Somitra Kr. Sanadhya DRDO 9,50,000.00 Closed
11 MAX Planck Partner Group:Search and Mining over Large Scale Graphic Dr. Srikanta Bedathur Jagannath DST:Indo-German Science & Technology Centre 40,50,000.00 Closed
12 Correlating Differential Power with Program Behaviour: An analysis of Side Channel in Smart Card Dr. Subhasis Banerjee CARS: DRDO 14,16,000.00 Closed
13 DST/INSPIRE Faculty Award/2012 Dr. Sujay Deb DST 35,00,000.00 ongoing
14 User Controlled information Dissemination for Security and Privacy in Location Based Services Dr. Vikram Goel DST-Fast Track 5,16,000.00 ongoing
Financial Year 2011-12
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 An Inter-Disciplinary Approach Toward building Ontology for Online Extremism Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru DST-Indo-Ireland 6,84,000.00 ongoing
2 Design and cryotanalysis of some Cryptographic primitives Dr. Somitra Kr. Sanadhya Naval Research Board: DRDO 25,20,000.00 Closed
3 Research and Exploration in Support of the proposed Project Title Use of cell phone for detecting and Controlling Infectious Diseases from National Geographic Society Dr. Vinayak Nayak National Geographic Society 9,86,960.00 ongoing
Financial Year 2010-11
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 Statistical Evaluation and Recognition of Simultaneous Latent Fingerprint Impression Dr. Mayank Vatsa DST-Fast Track 5,58,000.00 closed
2 International Development Research Centre,Canada and Privacy International,UKPrivacy In India. Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru Privacy International 20,55,973.00 closed
3 Analyzing Online Content using Data Mining Techniques to Counter Cyber Crime-Under Cyber Security grant-in Aid programme. Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru DeitY 81,50,000.00 closed
4 Analysis of Ad-hoc Networks Dr. Pushpendra Singh DRDO 15,00,000.00 closed
5 Reengineering existing Application for Multicore Services Dr. Subhasis Banerjee DST 31,76,000.00 closed
Financial Year 2009-10
Sl No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs. Status
1 Research and Design of Face Recognition System for Variations in Pose, Expression and Illumination Dr. Richa Singh DeitY 87,25,000.00 closed
2 Ramanujan Fellowship Prof. Ashwin Srinivasan DST 28,00,000.00 closed