Research News

» International Seminar on Satyagraha in Twenty-First Century, Titled “Satyagraha, Ashram, and Religion: The idea of Swaraj and the three philosophical matrices of Mahatma Gandhi” by Mukherjee, Payel C. at India International Center, Oct 22-24, 2019.

» International Seminar, Titled “Othering Nationalisms in the Imagined Narratives of Nation-Building in Global South Cultural Production and Dialogue.” by Mukherjee, Payel C. at 22nd international conference of the Forum on Contemporary Theory, Osmania University Centre for International Programmes (Formerly American Studies Research Centre) in Hyderabad 19 – 21 December 2019.

» International Seminar, Titled “Scientific contagion selectively reduces the acceptability of water for religious use” by Mukherjee, Sumitava and Mukherjee, Payel C. in 29th Annual Convention of the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India & International Conference on “Making Psychology Deliverable to the Society” , Pondicherry University on 20th -22nd December 2019.

» Our two faculty members (Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty and Dr. Raghava Mutharaju) are selected for the IBM Faculty Award 2019.

» Prof. Richa Singh and Prof. Mayank Vatsa, along with their Ph.D. students Ms. Shruti Nagpal and Ms. Maneet Singh, received the 'Ethics in AI Research Award' from Facebook for their research on “Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition For Vast Regional Diversity in India”.

» Prof. GPS Raghava, Head of the Department of Computational Biology @IIIT-Delhi, won the Scientist of the year award by Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) for his contribution in the field of developing open-source software for designing drugs particularly peptide-based therapeutics. Software developed by his group are highly used and cited by the global community. The OPPI Scientist Awards 2019 recognizes outstanding work of Young Scientists, Women Scientists, and Scientists who have worked on original research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

» Brihi Joshi from LCS2 Lab won the Judge’s Choice Best Poster Award for the work done on Collusive Retweeter Detection (published in WSDM 2019) with Tanmoy Chakraborty, Hriday Dutta, and Aditya Chetan at the Research AI Day ( held at IIM Bangalore and co-organised by IBM India Research Lab. This work on Collusion detection on Twitter fit extremely well with the theme of Research AI Day - “Usable AI”. For more details on the original paper- . For the code and dataset details -

» Article of Dr. Sanat K Biswas on "Advancement in GNSS technology in India" has been published in the Coordinates magazine: . In this article, He has been emphasised on the necessity of focused GNSS related research at the national level, the importance of rigorous course on GNSS signal processing at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and pointed out some immediate national requirements in this research field.

» Congratulations Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty on getting project proposal accepted in SERB IMPRINT scheme. He will lead the project as a Co-PI along with Dr. Maya Ramanath (PI) and Dr. Srikanta Bedathur (Co-PI) from IIT Delhi. The project will attempt to design AI-enabled assistive technology for smart searching and browsing online educational content. VideoKen will support them as an Industry partner.

» Collaboration work between IIIT Delhi and University of Surrey, UK titled "Design of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) Systems for Future Vehicular Communications." with Dr. Vivek Bohara (Indian-PI), Prof. Pei Xiao (International PI), Prof. Anand Srivastava (Indian Co-PI), and Dr. Zilong Liu (International Co-PI) got approved by The SPARC project [Ministry of HRD, Govt of India]

» Collaboration work between IIIT Delhi, University of Florida and New York University. titled "Post-Silicon Debug Platform for Secured Systems" with Dr. Sujay Deb (Indian-PI), Prof. Prabhat Mishra (International PI), Dr. Saket Anand (Indian Co-PI), and Dr. Kanad Basu (International Co-PI) got approved by The SPARC project [Ministry of HRD, Govt of India]

» Dr. Abhijit Mitra has been awarded British Council Alumni Award India-2019 under Professional Achievement Award .

» Dr. Vivek Bohara has been elevated to the Senior Member IEEE.

» Dr. Sanat K Biswas has received Early Career Research Award from DST for the project "Software Defined GPS and NavIC reflectometry Receiver for remote sensing".

» Mansi Peer (PhD) is invited to Temasek Laboratories (Nanyang Technological University), Singapore.

» Joint real time wireless testbed exhibits by IIIT-Delhi and National Instruments as part of IEEE NCC 2019 in Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bengaluru.

» Students working at Algorithms to Architectures (A2A) lab under the supervision of Dr. Sumit Darak have received the four awards in ICDCN (20th international conference on distributed computing and networking) and COMSNETS 2019.

  • Best graduate forum award at ICDCN 2019 for Mr. Rohit Kumar (PhD student NIT Delhi, co-supervised by Dr. Sumit)
  • Second-best poster award (among 34 posters from various IITs and international universities: for the paper titled "LSTM Guided Modulation Classification and Experimental Validation for Sub-Nyquist Rate Wideband Spectrum Sensing" authored by S. Chandhok (JMI Delhi), Himani Joshi (PhD Student, IIIT-Delhi), Sumit J. Darak (Faculty, IIIT-Delhi) and A. Subramanyam (Faculty, IIIT-Delhi)
  • Joint best graduate forum awards at COMSNETs 2019 to Himani Joshi (PhD Student, IIIT-Delhi) and Rohit Kumar (PhD student NIT Delhi, co-supervised by Dr. Sumit).