Research News

» One of Our Faculty (Dr. Vivek Bohara) have been elevated to the Senior Member IEEE.

» One of Our Faculty (Dr. Sanat K Biswas) have received the approval of the Early Career Research Award from DST for the project :Software Defined GPS and NavIC reflectometry Receiver for remote sensing".

» One of Our Student have been Invited to Temasek Laboratories@Nanyang Technological University (TL@NTU), Singapore.

» Joint real time wireless testbed exhibits by IIIT-Delhi and National Instruments as part of IEEE NCC 2019 in Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bengaluru.

» Students working at Algorithms to Architectures (A2A) lab under the supervision of Dr. Sumit Darak have received the four awards in ICDCN (20th international conference on distributed computing and networking) and COMSNETS 2019.

  • Best graduate forum award at ICDCN 2019 for Mr. Rohit Kumar (PhD student NIT Delhi, co-supervised by Dr. Sumit)
  • Second-best poster award (among 34 posters from various IITs and international universities: for the paper titled "LSTM Guided Modulation Classification and Experimental Validation for Sub-Nyquist Rate Wideband Spectrum Sensing" authored by S. Chandhok (JMI Delhi), Himani Joshi (PhD Student, IIIT-Delhi), Sumit J. Darak (Faculty, IIIT-Delhi) and A. Subramanyam (Faculty, IIIT-Delhi)
  • Joint best graduate forum awards at COMSNETs 2019 to Himani Joshi (PhD Student, IIIT-Delhi) and Rohit Kumar (PhD student NIT Delhi, co-supervised by Dr. Sumit).