Adjunct Faculty

The Institute is organized as research groups and education programs, and has not maintained strong department boundaries. However, faculty can be broadly grouped according to their disciplines which are given below. Apart from those listed below, the institute also has a number of Guest, Adjunct and Visiting faculty members in various disciplines. They can be found on this page.

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Computational Biology
Ajay Kumar (CSE)

PhD (2001), The University of Hong Kong

Information security and computer vision with the emphasis on contactless 2D/3D hand biometrics, vascular biometrics, iris, and multimodal biometrics, computer vision based industrial inspection

Alexander Fell (ECE)

PhD (2012), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Coarse Grain Reconfigurable Architectures (CGRAs), Network-on-Chip, Embedded Systems, FPGAs

Anirban Mondal (CSE)

PhD (2003), National University of Singapore, Singapore

Database Management, Multi-dimensional Data Indexing, Mobile Data Management

Atreyee Bhattacharya (SSH)

PhD (2012), Harvard University

Climate variability of arid and semi-arid regions, historical climate, paleoclimate, coastal erosion using corals and microplastic accumulation in coastal environments.

Bhanu Duggal (HCD)

DM (1999), AFMC, pune

Grey-Scale IVUS, Virtual Histology IVUS, Intra Vascular Ultrasound

Bijoy Chand Chatterjee (CSE)

PhD (2014), Tezpur University

Routing and spectrum allocation in optical networks, QoS-aware schemes, resource allocation in Hadoop, and cross-layer design

Chetan Arora (CSE)

PhD (2012), IIT-Delhi

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning

Debanjan Mahata (CSE)

PhD, Integrated Computing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Natural language Processing, Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Information Quality. More

Debasis Dash (CB)

PhD (1998), Delhi University,

Algorithm and tools development, high throughput data analysis for comparative genomics, proteome informatics

Drishti Sharma

MD in Community Medicine from MAMC, New Delhi and Senior Residency from PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Cyberbullying, social and emotional well-being, and implementation science.

K M Pathi

An alumnus of Delhi University, visiting faculty to NCGG-Delhi

Behavior Change Communication, Communication Ethics.

Lipi Thukral (CB)

Scientist Fellow, IGIB, Delhi PhD (2011), University of Heidelberg, Germany

Multiscale Biomolecular Simulations, Structural Bioinformatics, Modeling and Visualization of Complex Molecular Data, Medical Informatics

Mary L. Gray

PhD (2004), University of California, San Diego

Senior Researcher Microsoft Research Associate Professor, The Media School, Adjunct Faculty, American Studies; Anthropology; Gender Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington

Mayank Vatsa (CSE)

PhD (2008), West Virginia University, USA

Biometrics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Information Fusion

Mihir Chakraborty (Math)

Rough set theory and rough (modal) logics, Fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logics, and the theory of graded consequence, Algebraic logic

Mona Duggal

M.D., MHS (Epidemiology) Physician with post-graduate MD training in Preventive and Social Medicine.

Masters in Health Sciences in Epidemiology from "The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health NIH/NLM fellowship in Medical Informatics at the Yale University"

Nachi Nagappan

Microsoft Research

One Microsoft Way, Redmond

P B Sujit


PhD (2006), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Unmanned Vehicle (aerial, underwater, and surface), Multi-robot systems, Guidance and Control

Priyank Narayan

A Certified Axiometrix Assessor on Thinking Pattern Profile by Hartman Institute, USA, Priyank is also a Quality Six Sigma Green Belt.

He heads the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Ashoka University

Pydi Ganga Mamba Bahubalindruni (ECE)

PhD (2014), Electrical and Computer Engineering,

Flexible and large area electronics, Analog mixed signal design with large area and sub-micron technologies, Device modeling and devices

Rahul Mohanani (CSE, HCD)

PhD (2019), University of Oulu, Finland

Human aspects of Software Engineering, Intertemporal Preferences in Technical Debt

Richa Singh (CSE)

PhD (2008), West Virginia University, USA

Biometrics, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition

Rohit Gupta (CB)

Director-Bioinformatics at Strand Life Sciences, Banglore

Computational Biology, Genomics, Data Mining, Machine learning, Medical and Bioinformatics


PhD (1978), IIT-Delhi

Database Systems, Data Mining, Reconstruction Conjecture (Graph Theory)

Sameep Mehta (CSE)

Researcher, IBM Research, India

Data Mining, Visualization, Business Analytics and Service Science

Samir K Brahmachari (CB)

PhD (1978), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Has more than 12 patents, 23 copyrights and 150 research publications to his credit.

Shriram Venkatraman (SSH)

PhD (2017), University College, London

Technologies in work places, organisational culture, and entrepreneurship

Srinivas Aluru (CB)

Professor, School of Computational Science and Engineering

Co-Director, Strategic Initiave in Data Engineering and Science Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Srinivasan Ramachandran (CB)

PhD (1993), Jawaharlal Nehru University

Currently Senior Principal Scientist and Professor of the AcSIR in the Faculty of Biological Sciences. His Interests are Integrative Data analytics of biological Big Data, predictive modelling

Sumit Bhatia (CSE)

PhD (2013), Pennsylvania State University

Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Big Data Analytics, Knowledge Graphs and Reasoning Systems

Venkata M. Viswanath Gunturi (CSE)

PhD (2015), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA

Spatial and Spatio-temporal databases, Spatial data mining, Graph Algorithms, Geographic Information Science

Vimal Bhatia (ECE)


He is a reviewer for IEEE, Elsevier, and IET. He is currently Senior Member of IEEE and certified SCRUM Master

Vinayak Naik (CSE)

PhD (2006), Ohio State University, USA

Mobile Computing, Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks, and Systems

Vinod Scaria (CB)


Scientist, CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi. Research Areas: Clinical Genomics, Precision Medicine, Computational Biology of noncoding RNAs, Artificial Intelligence