Frequently asked questions about IIIT-Delhi


  1. ​How was IIIT-Delhi created, and how can it give degrees?
    In India, a University can be created by UGC giving it a "Deemed University" status, or by an Act of Union or State Government. IIIT-Delhi was created by an Act of Government of NCT Delhi (IIIT Delhi Act, 2007). As it was created by an act of a State Legislature, it is a State University. IIIT Delhi Act, 2007 empowers the institute/ university to grant degrees.

  2. Is IIIT-D affiliated to or has any relationship to GGSIPU/DU/NSIT?
    No, IIIT-D is not affiliated to any of these universities; it is a State University in itself and has no academic relationship with IP University/DCE/NSIT/DTU.

  3. Is it a Government Institute or Private? Is IIIT-D recognized by AICTE, UGC, etc.?
    IIIT-Delhi is an autonomous Institute of Government of NCT Delhi, much like IITs are autonomous Institutes of Govt. of India. For details on these questions, please refer to this page.


  1. Is it a research or a teaching Institute?
    IIIT-Delhi is envisaged to be a research-led institute with degree programs at the Bachelor, Masters, and PhD levels. Like the IITs, and most top universities across the world, both research as well as teaching forms the basic objectives of IIIT-D.

  2. What education programs does it offer?
    Currently, it offers BTech in CSE, ECE, and CSAM; MTech CS, ECE, and CB; PhD program in CSE, ECE, CB, and Mathematics.

  3. When to apply for admission, etc?
    For dates, please check the prospectus and the website.

  4. How are students evaluated during a program, and who does the evaluation?
    IIIT-D follows a semester system and uses letter grades on a 10-point scale for grading a student's performance in a course. Grading is done internally by the faculty and is based on instruments like assignments, quizzes, tests, exams, projects, labs, presentations, etc. spread throughout the semester. One of these instruments is the final exam, which takes place at the end of the semester.

  5. What is the academic load during a semester?
    Generally, a student in a BTech program will do about 5 courses a semester. Each course requires a total effort (including lectures, tutorials, assignments, labs, etc) of about 8 to 12 hours per week. (Hence, the total academic load for a student is 40-60 hours per week.)

Management & Faculty

  1. What is the management structure of the Institute?
    The Institute's operational head is the Director. Overall policy-making and governance rest with the Board of Governors (BOG). The Chancellor of the Institute is Honorable Lt. Governor of Delhi, who also chairs the General Council of the Institute. Names of functionaries are on the website.

  2. What are the qualifications of its faculty?
    Due to the nature of the Institute, all its regular faculty members are expected to have PhDs from well-respected Institutes/Universities across the world. The list of current faculty members and their qualifications is available on the website. Currently, more than half the faculties have PhDs from various universities in the USA.

Campus & Funding

  1. Where is the permanent campus of IIIT-D?
    In Okhla,Phase III near Govind Puri metro station.

  2. From where IIIT-D is funded?
    IIIT-D is envisaged to be a self-sustaining institute. However, Government of Delhi has provided land, free of cost and will provide an Interest-free loan for its infrastructure and establishment.