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A world-class institute, IIIT-Delhi aims to be a global centre of excellence in IT education, research and training. The institute incubates intelligence and drives constant innovation through its conglomerate of energetic research and development groups.

As IIIT-Delhi grows, it is important to establish a unified visual identity which establishes its values, ambitions and personality. A consistent, unified graphic identity, when projected internally and externally, helps creates a relationship to the institute and its brand.

Our graphic identity revolves primarily along a logo, a wordmark and aesthetics. This website serves as a set of guidelines to leverage this identity with consistency in official communication. Read below to know more about the different elements and applications of the graphic identity as well as how to use them. You can also download logos and Doc/Presentation templates below.

Colour Pallete Usage Guidelines

The colours specified here comprise the primary colour palette for IIITD. The blue-green hue in combination with progressive grays denote intelligence, confidence, information and a futuristic outlook.

It is essential that utmost care be given to specifying the correct colour values for any colour reproduction, digital or print. Correct colours are important for integrity of the brand and have a strong visual presence at all times.

Use only the given values for the 4 colours in the required formats.


Typography Usage Guidelines

The typeface used is Kohinoor Latin, which is an elegant low contrast typeface suitable for both body and display text. Part of the super family Kohinoor Multiscript, Kohinoor Latin comes in 5 upright styles and their complementary italics. This modern and neat typeface strongly suggests confidence and belief in core values as well as a contemporary understanding towards IT research and education.


Kohinoor is available to only a limited number of students, faculty and staff due to license restrictions. If you have been given access, you may download it from here. If you need permission to access the font, kindly contact

We recommend the use of Geneva and Segoe UI as companion or replacement fonts for Kohinoor. These fonts are commonly available.

We strongly recommend the use of not more than two fonts on a single piece of material.



You can download stationery and PowerPoint templates from here.

Last updated: 20-03-2024