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B.Tech. Project Guidelines

B.Tech. project is designed to allow students to work with faculty members on one long project that may require effort over multiple semesters. Variable number of credits and variable number of semesters is allowed to fit projects of different scope (using BTP for working on multiple projects is specifically discouraged). Various aspects of BTP and its evaluation are explained below:

  • BTP can be done for a total of 8 to 12 credits, in the 3rd and subsequent years of the B.Tech. program.
  • A BTP has to span at least over 2 continuous semesters and can span at most 4 continuous semesters.
  • At most 8 credits can be taken in one semester. (As with any course, for 4 credits, it is expected that the student will put in 10+ hours every week on the BTP).
  • There is no CGPA Requirement for doing BTP.
  • A BTP can be registered in the 3rd and subsequent years of the B.Tech. program.
  • Not more than 1 BTP can be done in the whole B.Tech. tenure.
  • A BTP is done under the supervision of one or more faculty members.
  • A BTP can be done jointly. In that case the students have to clearly state the distribution of the work.  The work of the two students will be evaluated individually but the thesis does not necessarily have to be different.
  • A BTP may have internal and external co-supervisors. Such a joint co-supervision needs to be approved by the UG coordinator of the department to which student belong
  • Due to the nature of BTP, it is expected that the student will work on one project over the different semesters. However, if a change of project/supervisor is desired for unusual circumstances, it must be approved by the UG coordinator of the department and UG Chair.
  • Upon successful completion of a BTP, it will be explicitly mentioned on the final transcript. However, a student or the supervisor may decide not to continue with the BTP after one semester. In that case the BTP will not appear explicitly on the final transcript as a completed BTP (it will of course appear in the list of courses done). Also, the credits done for an incomplete BTP will not be counted towards the degree requirement.
  • Normally, a student can register for at most one IS/IP/UR in one semester, and along with the BTP, the total credits for these should not be more than 8 in one semester.

BTP Evaluation

  • Each semester the student has to register for a BTP course with the respective number of credits and with the supervisor /a co-supervisor as the course instructor. For registration for BTP, the student need to register on ERP and the advisor should approve the same on ERP.
  • At the end of the semester, the BTP thesis/report must be submitted. The BTP will be evaluated by a committee of (three) faculty members (one or two advisors) and two committee members who will assign the final grade.
  • The final BTP report has to be written using the specified LaTeX template(s) given above.
  • The structure of the final BTP report should be as specified below (any deviation from this structure requires the approval of the UGC chair which needs to be obtained before the late course drop date in the respective semester).
  • It is recommended that the interim BTP reports also use the same template and try to follow the same structure (items which are not yet done may be omitted).
  • Report for a Research project:
    The report may be in a paper format or a technical report format (both using the LaTeX template given above) and must contain at least:
    • Motivation and research problem
    • Research approach and work done
    • Results obtained
  • Report for an Engineering Project:
    The report must contain at least:
    • Problem for which the engineering solution is proposed and users of the proposed solution
    • Architecture, design, implementation, and validation of the solution
    • Interaction/feedback/inputs from end users on the solution
    • User manual / help (can be an appendix)
  • Report for an Entrepreneurship Project:
    The report must contain at least:

    • Context and opportunity
    • Proposed product/service/… and value proposition
    • Design, architecture, implementation of the product/service
    • Business plan (can be an appendix)

Last updated: 10-09-2021