M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

General Requirements

  • M.Tech (CSE) may be done with a thesis, or without a thesis but with a scholarly paper. In both options, students have to do certain amount of coursework. In addition, students doing M.Tech with thesis will have to do a thesis. Students in without thesis option have to do additional courses, and instead of a thesis will have to do a scholarly paper.
  • A student doing M.Tech with scholarly paper has multiple options for completing the scholarly paper requirement: a regular scholarly paper, industrial project and capstone project.
  • The overall requirements are as follows
    • M.Tech with thesis: 32 credits of coursework + 16 credits of thesis. At most 4 credits may be earned by doing 300 and 400 level courses.
    • M.Tech without thesis: 40 or 44 credits of coursework + 8 or 4 credits for a scholarly paper. At most 8 credits may be earned through doing 300 and 400 level courses.
  • For the thesis or the scholarly paper credits, though the student has to register, he/ she need not be physically present and can do the work while being outside the Institute.
  • A student admitted to the M.Tech program will give his/ her choice regarding which of the two options he/she wants to pursue. However, this choice can be changed at any time during the program by suitably informing the PG Committee.
  • Within the course work requirement, each M.Tech(CSE) student has to earn 12 credits from core courses. The core courses comprises of one course (of 4 credits) each from the following groups (additional courses may be added later to these sets by consent of the faculty).
    Theory bucket Systems bucket Software bucket
    Modern Algorithm Design (CSE519) Computer architecture (CSE511) Program Analysis (CSE503)
    Randomised algorithms (CSE523) Mobile computing (CSE535) Information Retrieval (CSE508)
    Graduate Algorithms (CSE525 ) Wireless Networks ( CSE538 ) Compiler (CSE601)
  • All other courses are electives. In electives, at most 4 credits of Independent Study and 4 credits of Minor Project can be taken.
  • Online course may be permitted to be registered as Independent study/minor project with permission of PGC.

Requirements for Specialization

  • For "M.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in area", from among the areas in which specializations are offered by the Institute, the student must:
  • If a course is in the list of courses for a specialization, as well as in one of the groups for core courses, that course can be used for satisfying both the core and specialization requirements. However, the overall course requirements remain unchanged.
  • If a student completes all requirements for the M.Tech, but not the requirements for specialization, he/she will be eligible for only "M.Tech in Computer Science".