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Summer Refresher Courses/Preparatory Course

The aim of a refresher course/preparatory course is to strengthen the understanding and skills of a student in some core areas. Thus, any weakness in these areas does not become a hurdle in the students’ progress in advanced courses. A refresher course assumes that the student has done a course, but needs to refresh the key concepts and practice better. These courses will help incoming graduate students with the revision of key concepts; overcome their weaknesses, and preparing them for the upcoming semester work. Current M.Tech. and B.Tech. students are also encouraged to enroll, if they want to strengthen their foundations in these courses.

Course Duration: 5/6 weeks (Generally From Mid July to Mid August)

Course Offering:

M.Tech. (CSE)

  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Advance Programming

M.Tech. (ECE)

  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Maths, Signal and Architecture

M.Tech. (CB)

  • Preparatory course for Biology & Mathematics
  • Preparatory course for Biocomputing

Note: This course is mandatory for all freshly admitted M.Tech. students.

Last updated: 03-08-2021