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Kartikeya Gupta Memorial Scholarship

In August 2021, we lost our student, Kartikeya Gupta (2018153: B.Tech. ECE), after a long battle with cancer. Kartikeya was an academically brilliant student and was actively involved in extracurricular activities. His friends, peers, and seniors fondly remember his caring and helpful nature. He had a dream of starting his own company and was passionately working on the same. He loved IIIT-Delhi's culture and left a top-tier institute to pursue B.Tech. at IIIT-Delhi. His parents (referred to as donors hereafter) would like to support meritorious students via Kartikeya Gupta Memorial Scholarship and live his dream of giving back to his favourite place – IIIT-Delhi.

Number of Scholarships

One (1) per year

Amount of Scholarship

INR 1 lac per year
The donor, depending on the total interest available, reserves the right to increase the above-said amount or number of scholarships, from time to time.


  • Be a regular B.Tech. student in the third year of engineering
  • Has passed all the branch-specific core courses with a CGPA of 7.5 or above
  • Not had any academic warning in the first three years
  • Not had any case upheld in DAC against him/her
  • Have active engagement and impactful contribution at national and international levels in extracurricular activities including sports, arts, music, community services, etc.
  • Bear a good moral character.
  • The student should not be in receipt of a scholarship from any other source.

Application for Scholarship

  • The application shows the willingness of the candidate the acceptance the Scholarship. Thus, each of the eligible candidates should apply for the Scholarship in the prescribed application format.
  • The application forms for each year will be made available on the institute's website in the month of June each year.
  • The last date of submission is June 30 of each year.
  • Applications received after the due date will not be considered.
  • The candidate should enclose all the necessary documents, described in the application form, after due attestation by the competent authority. In the absence of these, the application may, summarily, be rejected.
  • Only online submissions will be accepted.

Administrative Management of the Scholarship

  • The administrative management of the Scholarship will be done by the academic section of the IIIT-Delhi.
  • The academic department will verify the applications and prepare the list of short-listed candidates.
  • The Department will maintain a record of all the applications received and granted for various years.

Selection Committee

  • All the applications received will be scrutinized by a “Selection Committee”.
  • The “Selection Committee” shall consist of: –
    1 DoAA Chairman
    2 DoSA Member
    3 HoD (all departments) Member
  • The Selection Committee may interact with the short-listed deserving candidates to assess them and provide the name of the selected candidate to the director for his approval within one month of the formation of the committee.
  • The Selection Committee will give clarification, interpretation, or/and advice to the Donor, in case of any dispute regarding any of the guidelines for the Scholarship.
  • The Selection Committee may relax any or all of the eligibility conditions for the deserving needy bright candidate.

Ceremony for Scholarship and Award

The scholarship will be given to the selected candidate at the IIIT-Delhi Foundation Day Function. An invitation will be sent to the parents of Kartikeya each year to attend the IIIT-Delhi Foundation Day during the award ceremony.

Any other Matter

  • The institute reserves the right to revoke the award to a student who has been found involved in any case of academic dishonesty or awarded disciplinary punishment during studentship at IIIT Delhi.
  • For any other matter, not mentioned here and above, the Donor may seek advice from the Selection Committee.


Roll NoStudent NameBranchPhoto
Award for the Year 2021-2022
2019471Karish GroverCSAI
Award for the Year 2022-2023
2020071Jayan PahujaCSE

Last updated: 18-06-2024