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Ph.D. Assistantship

Financial assistantship is available for some Ph.D. students in the form of teaching assistantship or research assistantship .

  • Teaching assistantship. The students under this plan are expected to help the instructors in various courses for the smooth running of the course.
  • Research assistantship. The students under this plan are expected to help the faculty members in various research projects. They may be assigned limited academic duties.
    • Special research assistantships are available for system administration and development of the institute IT system. This option is available to Ph.D. scholars with background and flair for systems. The students are expected to assist design, plan, and execute IT-related tasks. Preference will be given to candidates, who have prior experience in system administration.
  • Only full-time regular students (including those in the collaborative Ph.D. program) are eligible for assistantships and scholarships.
  • The teaching/research assistantship carries with it a stipend, but also has responsibilities for some academic work. The assistantship has three components:
    • Sustenance Stipend: A student who is admitted on a financial plan will be entitled to the sustenance stipend as long as he/she remains a full time student of the Institute.
    • Scholarship: This part of the assistantship is for good scholarship and will be continued as long as the student maintains defined academic performance (and remains a full time student).
    • Remuneration for academic work: The remaining part can be viewed as remuneration for the academic work being performed for the Institute.
  • The financial support continuation shall be contingent upon the performance in academics and the assigned academic/administrative duties and will be reviewed every semester.
  • The Stipend of the Ph.D student under institute fellowship w.e.f. 1st August 2022 as under :
    YearAmount per month (Rs.)
    Until successfully completing the comprehensive exam35,000
    Since completing comprehensive exam until completion of 5th year37,000
    • A Ph.D. student is not eligible for assistantship or scholarship after five years.

Last updated: 17-06-2022