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Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

IIIT Delhi has zero-tolerance policy on ragging, which is a punishable offence. The institute has formed an anti-ragging committee and squads. Besides, each student of the institute and his/her parents and/or guardian are required to submit a combined undertaking against ragging at the time of registration, which is a mandatory process. All concerned officials of the institute, students, parents and guardians of the students, members of anti-ragging committee and squads need to adhere to the stipulations on the matter and effectively monitor and comply with the provisions made against ragging.

1. The institute has following measures in place

  • Dean of Student Affairs - Chairman
  • SMP Faculty-Member
  • Chairman, UGC - Member
  • Chairman, PGC - Member
  • SG, Faculty Coordinator - Member
  • Chief Warden - Member
  • Student Relationship officers - Member
  • Student Council representative-Member

2. Hostel-Level Anti-ragging Committee: It consists of

  • Chief Warden - Chairman
  • Girls hostel Warden-Member
  • SMP Faculty-Member
  • Student Senate Secretary-Member
  • Student Council Secretary-Member
  • Sports Secretary-Member
  • Mess secretary-Member
  • Hostel committee secretary-Member

3. Message/Complaint Boxes near to the academic area

4. Undertaking from the Students and Parents

5. Disciplinary Action

In case of violation of above rules following disciplinary action is proposed:

  • Removal from hostel
  • Referring the case to disciplinary action committee

Last updated: 08-08-2021