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Disciplinary Action

Any act intended to compromising or sabotage evaluation including but not limited to:

Cheating or copying from a peer or internet sources, unless specified otherwise by the course instructor, Failure to credit relevant source in assignments and submissions, Collaboration on assignments/quizzes/submissions where it is not allowed, Discussing answers, in person or otherwise, where it is disallowed by the instructor, Sharing Solutions (in part or whole) where it is disallowed by the instructor, Proxy attendance in examinations, changing answers after submission. Use of unfair means during an in-person examination, harassment & bullying of peers including TF, faculty & office members.

Use of/presence on virtual medium to collaborate or exchange information during an exam. The reported incidents from faculty, TF, academic office (for 3rd instance) for academic indiscipline, cases reported for non-academic misdemeanor can also be taken to the DAC for investigation.

All cases /complaints of indiscipline shall be referred to the Disciplinary Action Committee. A student, however, can appeal against the decision taken to within the provided timelines in the document.

The process to appeal for academic & non- academic misconduct to the DAC

i. For Academic cases: Faculty/Instructor/TF provides information to the academic office with the details of the case(s). Thereafter, as per plagiarism policy of the institute, a student is graded by the academic office and the same is informed to the student. Students can now appeal to DAC if he/she thinks that they are wrongly picked and given a decision is not correct. Once a student appeals against the decision of the academic office as per the plagiarism policy, the case is reported to the DAC. Students have to do the appeal within a week after the grades are given to the student.

ii. For non-academic cases: Cases reported wherein involvement of student(s) in the incidents mentioned in the document. Students have to do the appeal within a week after receiving the formal communication about their involvement. Thereafter, the incident is reported to the DAC committee.

Important Timelines:

For students to defend - one week from the date of receiving information from the concerned department about his/her involvement.

Members of Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC)



Dean of Student Affairs


Designated Faculty


Student Representative


Institute Counsellor


Representative from the Office of Student Affairs

Member Secretary

Last updated: 08-08-2021