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Issue Resolution

The Student Affairs office is committed to providing a quick, courteous and fair resolution of any issues related to student activities. For this purpose, a multi-level procedure has been put in place. Students who are not satisfied with the response at a lower level may proceed to a higher level as indicated in the table below. However, they should note that a higher authority will not respond unless the lower authority has already been approached. The appropriate way to approach the various authorities is indicated below the table.

Issue Resolution
S.No. First Level Second Level Third Level Forth Level Fifth Level
1 Hostel Related Caretaker at respective hostel JM/AM Student Affairs DM/Manager SA Chief Warden DoSA Ombudsperson
2 Clubs Related Club coordinators/Student Council, JM/AM Student Affairs DM/Manager SA Faculty Coordinator-Clubs DoSA Ombudsperson
3 Sports Related Sports Assistant/Sports Committee-(Sports Block), JM/AM Student Affairs DM/Manager SA Faculty Coordinator-Sports DoSA Ombudsperson
4 Food Related Mess committee JM/AM Student Affairs DM/Manager SA Faculty Coordinator-Eateries DoSA Ombudsperson
5 Ragging Hostel Caretakers/ JM- Student Affairs Manager Student Affairs  Chief Warden / Warden DoSA Ombudsperson
6 Sexual Harassment
Anti-sexual harassment committee
7 Any Other issue related to Student Affairs JM/AM Student Affairs DM/Manager SA Faculty Coordinator DoSA Ombudsperson

Note: Students may approach the Ombudsperson at if the issue stands unresolved till Level 4.

How to reach level 1/2/3/4 Authorities
Email ID Room No
DoSA B-606 (R&D Block)
Faculty Coordinator for Sports B-603 (R&D Block)
Faculty Coordinator for Food A-602 (R&D Block)
Chief Warden A-404 (R&D Block) for Boys, B-308 (R&D Block) for Girls
Faculty Coordinators for Clubs B-211 (R&D Block)
Caretakers at respective hostel, Old Boys Hostel, Ground Floor, 526 (extension), Old Girls Hostel, Ground Floor, 530 (extension)
DM/Manager SA A-207, Academic Block
JM/AM SA’s, A-207-1, Academic Block
Nursing Assistant Infirmary at GF girls hostel

Last updated: 16-04-2024